Transitioning from Summer to Fall: Quick Fall 2014 Beauty Trends

There’s something about the beauty of fall that I think carries over into the beauty of fashion and make up like no other season. Fall clothing has a depth and texture to it that summer clothes don’t, and shouldn’t have. Make up is richer, deeper and darker, much like an autumn evening.

Here are some quick tips to get you ready for that season we call Fall.


Change out your summer color for one that is one shade darker and one level less “shiny.” For example, if you wear a pink lip-gloss, drop down to a rose-colored lip stain. You want a bit less shine and a bit more color. Go and experiment in one of the new make up shops that are popping up in the malls. Ulta, for one, is fantastic for letting you try on a new face for a reasonable price.

Eye Shadow:

It took me years before I finally bought a good eye shadow brush. I have to tell you, it makes all the difference in shading. You don’t want to necessarily go darker, but rather a little deeper. Because there is less sunlight and it gets darker early, we look washed out if our eyes are not defined. Be careful you don’t use too much. A heavy hand just makes you look tired. You just want to look smoky and mysterious. A good rule of thumb is to take another eye brush after you’ve applied it and blot with a gentle dotting motion to blend. Use dark brown or black mascara on the upper lids only to create a doe eye. Swoon.


This year, everything is about the tweed. It’s rich and textured and when it’s paired with a killer pair of earrings or a statement necklace it looks elegant and chic. Try deep colors like burgundy, gray and navy blue. These colors look good on most people and they don’t have the harsh contrast that black sometimes creates against our skin. It’s more a subtle deepening and a lush palette, much like fall itself.


Menswear is really hot again this season. (Really, is it ever out?) Clean simple lines paired with brogues or oxford shoes look fresh this season. Pair a navy dress with deep textured tights and choose a big old pair of manly shoes. Scarves, as always continue to be a main stay staple in fashion. Find the biggest, chunkiest scarf you own. Add a deep pair of glasses and you’ve just created your own smoke show. (That means you’re hot.)