5 Fashion Essentials For This Fall

From the color changing of the leaves to the blissful caffeinated holiday favorites such as a Pumpkin Spice Latte, there is nothing quite as special as the season of Fall.

Unsurprisingly, the hues of nature are not the only promise of Autumn’s lovely kiss. In fact there are many changing trends throughout the seasons especially in regards to fashion. However, there’s nothing to worry about, and if you follow these simple points, you can be sure to have a memorable, exciting, and stylish season.

1. Sweater Weather

No matter where you live, one of the most beautiful aspects of Fall is the chilly temperature that comes with it. For a comfortable, cute appearance, sweaters can go a long way. A simple over sized sweater paired with some basic leggings both compliment your natural lower body physique while the heavy stitching of a sweater keeps you looking bold and maintains your natural body heat through the colder environment.

 Tip: Don’t be afraid of ugly sweaters, either. Sometimes the patterns and intricate designs can be so ugly, it’s cute.

 2. Scarves

A vast majority of outfits can be perfected by adding a simple touch of neck fabric. There are so many designs, lengths, and types of scarves that it’s almost impossible NOT to find the perfect match. Simply tie or wrap the scarf around your neck and let it dangle slightly beneath your collarbones for a dramatic effect that makes a statement.


Tip: Experiment with your lengths and methods of tying. Find what looks best for you, and stick with what makes you look best!

3. Beanies

Nothing completes a seasonal outfit more than a tightly knit beanie. They are a wonderful accessory that both keeps your head warm during the harsh cold and also adds character to your hair and outfit. Also, beanies are a wonderful accessory to highlight your facial structure. This is especially important if you wish to accent or highlight the appearance of your face by dramatizing your cheekbones and jaw line.


Tip: Don’t wear a beanie that makes your head feel tight. It’s hard to look cute when you’re dealing with a headache!

4. Leggings

They will be your best friend in the colder weather because it’s an article of clothing that matches with just about anything. Leggings also offer support and comfort for running errands or just for lounging around. Furthermore, leggings also compliment your figure because they’re tight fitting and adjustable, offering you the perfect balance of comfortable and cute.

5. Boots

A final article of clothing that makes your outfit are boots. Whether they’re fuzzy, tight fitting, have heels, or have designs, boots are the perfect finishing touch for any outfit for the occasion. It adds a sultry touch of cute flare while also providing support and comfort throughout the day, no matter what you’re doing.

Just remember these simple tips and you will have all of your fall fashion needs ready whether you’re headed for a cute coffee date, going to school, or just trying to get through the day!