His Soul Is The Fire My Heart Needs

“You’re the light of my life, you’re the fire in my heart when I’m lost and guides me back home. Every star in the sky shines brighter when you’re at my side. You are the light of my life” 

I thought my heart knew what real love felt like but I was so wrong. I met you and my heart was exposed to a whole different level of love. Being with you is pleasantly intoxicating because the love that you share with me is the kind that helps me see the beauty in imperfection, including my own imperfections, allowing me to see a better world, a better me and I just can’t get enough of it

I could not for a second imagine that someone could have such a hypnotizing effect on me.

You show me that loving is something you do, that actions are better than saying “I love you” and you make it a point to show me how much I mean o you through actual effort. You make my needs your needs, you make my happiness your priority.

You are not afraid to be vulnerable with me, so I have not choice but to bring down my walls and be open and vulnerable with you too.

You show me that it takes courage to love because we don’t want to fall flat on our faces, but we must always approach love having faith that it will last forever. Only then we get to experience love at its fullest, without any regrets.

You’re the fire my heart needs because you bring out the best out of me.

You love me as I am and that love you give lift and raise my spirit high. Your love motivates me to look deep into myself and trust myself to make the right choices in my life.

You not only love my independence, but you also encourage it and respect it. You don’t judge me, not even when I make mistakes. You’re always by my side through the good and the bad

You fill my life with happiness and make me feel so alive.

I know in my heart you are one of a kind, the one that lights the fire in my heart.