You Won't Appreciate a Love Like This, Until You're Dating the Teddy Bear BF

When you’re out there in the trenches, you’re searching for certain qualities in a guy that you think you want. You want someone who’s strong, dominant, and sexy. But do those relationships ever end up going well?

Teddy bears are sweet and they’re there for you when you need a big fluffy hug at night and comfort you during those rough times. The teddy bear boyfriend will do exactly that. He’s gentle, caring, and dependable. You’ll never feel alone again.

  1. He’s a softy. No matter how tough he seems to be, deep down he’s caring and cuddly.
  2. Teddy bears are thoughtful. You get them as a gift on Valentine’s Day for a reason: he was thinking about you and wants you to feel loved.
  3. He’s protective. When you need a strong teddy bear to keep you safe at night, he’s there for you.
  4. Whenever you need a helping hand, your man with his strong but calm demeanor will always be there with you, ready to help.
  5. His softie smile will make you melt. His eyes are deep and unwavering; you know that he loves you just by the way he looks at you.
  6. Your guy is genuine and honest. There’s no mystery, no games, and no deceit. He only wants to make you happy and make sure that you’re comfortable.
  7. The teddy bear boyfriend doesn’t have a douchey bone in his body. His soft side knows how to treat women right, so he’s respectful and caring for the ones you love.
  8. You can always let your hair down around him. It’s okay for him to see you without makeup, hair up, wearing a full on sweatsuit. Teddy bears love you for you, not only for what you look like.
  9. You have a strong, quiet bond with your teddy bear. Without saying a word, you know that he’ll be there for you whenever you need him, and you’ll do the same. 
  10. He has a way that calms you down no matter what. If you’re stressed or anxious, just being in his presence will make you feel instantly better.
  11. He’s a class A cuddler. This guy is always down for a cuddle sesh. And he’ll never ever hog the blankets.
  12. The teddy bear boyfriend gives the best advice. If you ever have a problem, he’ll be the one to help you solve it.
  13. He’s sugary sweet to you. The teddy bear boyfriend goes perfectly with a box of chocolate and pretty flowers. He never forgets to shower you with compliments and love.
  14. He’s all about enjoying the finer things in life. The teddy bear boyfriend will make sure you enjoy the finest wine, yummiest food, and greatest vacations with him. Nothing is too good for his girl.
  15. The teddy bear boyfriend loves comfort. His bed is super soft and plushy, and he’s got the best sweatshirts and sweatpants for you to steal. And he’ll probably let you get away with it too.
  16. You can squeeze him and wrestle him, and he’ll let you do it because he finds you adorable.
  17. He’s the absolute best kisser. You’ve never felt anything like his kisses before. They make you feel warm, fuzzy and wonderful.