You Taught Me How to Trust Myself

I trusted you to take good care of the heart I was guarding. I trusted you to love me and not hurt me the way others have. I trusted you to prove me wrong about everything I thought I knew about love.

But you failed. You couldn’t reach my expectations. 

But you didn’t give up and you hadn't abandoned me. You gave me something I didn’t realize I knew I needed even more than your love.

You taught me how to trust myself. 

You exposed the fact that I placed all my trust in you, not because everyone else proved me wrong but because I didn’t trust myself with my heart and my love. 

You taught me to face the ugly truth, to understand that I can’t depend on someone to keep my heart safe when that was really my job. 

Because we’re all human.

We all make mistakes and you taught that you were one of those people. You made me understand that though you love me and would never want to hurt me that you might end up doing that from time to time. 

It’s why you taught me that though you love me, I have to love myself too.

I have to trust myself to be okay when things between you and I are not okay. That when things get bad, I won’t give up on myself but instead still be in love with myself.

Because my trust would still be with me instead of leaving with you. 

So thank you. Thank you for teaching me that I don’t have to depend on someone to keep my heart safe when it should be safe and sound with me.

I just have to trust myself to take care of it.

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