"You Figured It Out Once. You'll Do It Again."

“I hope one day I can love the way you love me.??? 

“You figured it out once. You’ll do it again.??? -The Vow 

Blind faith is one of the most difficult things to rely on. It’s the belief in a mere feeling. Because you can’t see it, but you know it’s there. Just as this applies to people’s belief in God, the same thing applies to love and the love you feel for another person. 

Remember things ending doesn’t mean it’s over. 

It’s so hard when things end, you have all of these feelings left over and you aren’t sure what to do with them exactly. So you just kind of tuck them away and save them for a rainy day. You do your best to get on with your life, even though there will be days that you struggle. You still have this feeling that things are gonna work out for the two of you. 

Some may call you dumb. I call you bold. Some may tell you to “let it go”. I tell you to hold on for dear life if you believe in this person. Some will tell you, you’ll meet someone else but you and I both know you can meet a million people in the world and they won’t even compare to the one person you might have had for a moment and lost. 

But you should know true love is never lost. You should know it never goes forgotten. It stays alive within you waiting for the right moment to appear again. This person ignites a fire in your soul. And as much as you respect the opinions of other people, who have seen you through this, there are some things they will never get. And it’s that feeling that is within you. 

Blind faith is a difficult feeling to explain. Because it’s just something you know. 

And no matter what the person may say or do, you believe in them. You have this faith in the two of you, even if right now you each are doing your own thing. 

I’ve always believed it’s best to let people go in your life. The right people will always come back. Because in reality even in their absence sometimes they are more alive than ever within you. Love always brings people back. 

So when things end and you are falling to your knees and black tears are streaming down your face and you need something to reach for, reach within yourself. That feeling will never fail you. That belief you have in them is one that will surpass time and circumstances. Because if you feel that deeply it’s impossible for them not to feel it too. 

I never mourn over people I love leaving, anymore. Because I know each person I gave my best love to will eventually come back. Maybe they need to find themselves. Maybe they need to walk their own path and have a life which you aren’t a part of. That’s okay. And I know you miss them from time to time. I know you wish things would work out right now, but they need time to figure out what you already know about the two of you. 

So don’t be sad over things ending. Just look forward to that moment things begin again. Because any person you truly love with your entire soul will always find their way back to you.

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