Why You Should Stop Thinking That Love Is Easy

Stories and some people tell you that love is easy. That one day it will come, everything in your life will fall into place and you will be happy forever. But that's far from the truth, and this is why you should stop thinking that love is easy.

If you fall for the kind of love that you see in movies, then you’ll never know true love. The truth is, movies don’t show what happens after the happy ending. In real life, the meaning of true love goes beyond a picture perfect moment. Love means accepting someone’s faults and flaws and loving them unconditionally. It means going through life’s challenges together. 

So love is challenging. Don’t expect love to be easy because an easy relationship is not a passionate long lasting one. When the “love” is easy, the passion is not real, and neither is the relationship. You get comfortable and lie to yourself because you’re afraid to go through the hard parts that come with loving someone truly and deeply. 

Loving relationships require constant work.  Because the only way to achieve harmony and happiness in the relationship is through respect, understanding, compromise, communication and, above all, commitment. And all of those things depend on how much you’re willing to work towards being the best version of yourself as you’re sharing your life with the person that you love. 

Love is a choice you make every day. It’s choosing to nurture every aspect of your relationship on a daily basis. It’s choosing to continue to grow as individuals together. 

Mistakes will be made but in the end, if the love is real, those mistakes will become lessons learned that will enrich the love that you share. There’s always a way to overcome the obstacles that you might encounter.

Some days will be harder than others. Some days might seem impossible. But in the end, when it’s true love, it will all be worth the effort. 

So, find love that challenges you, instead of "love" that’s easy and temporary.