Why Some Women Just Aren't Made for Marriage

You live life on the edge; on the ledge of a moving plane that you can, and will, jump out of. You’ll spread your arms, close your eyes, and leap into the vast, glowing, open air of the world, with no idea or regard for what it is to come.

People don’t understand you – your plain indifference to milestones, anniversaries, and checkpoints that flag the years of many others’ lives. The ages, numbers, and expectations to which most people conform, and define as “maturing,” you see as irrelevant; extraneous; foreign.

Friends accept you; teachers appreciate you; men fear you.

Men seem to think that every woman’s ultimate goal in life is to find a husband, wear a ring, and make beautiful children. You’d rather travel; you’d rather be alone than resent a commitment; you’d rather dive into the unknown than live a life full of plans.

You crave experiences, not things. You are untamable, and you hope to never be seen as a well-behaved woman. You don’t apologize for your choices, you just don’t comply to everyone else’s standards.

You aren’t single because you can’t find someone to love you – you are single because you want to be single. You don’t want a man for comfort; you want passion and excitement. You want to make memories on your own before settling down later – to travel the world, get lost in strange places, and get to know the girl inside of you.

You want to love you before you love someone else.

Marriage is about babies; you never want to grow up.

Marriage is traditional; you are unconventional. 

Marriage is about compromise; you refuse to settle.

Marriage is about vows; you love being able to go back and rewrite the story.

Marriage is making plans; you are spontaneous.

Marriage is buying a house; you buy plane tickets.

Marriage is about simplicity; your life is a labyrinth.

Marriage is respect; you prefer to be mischievous.

Marriage is about conflict and resolutions; you only fight with yourself.

Marriage is harmonious; you thrive in chaos.

Marriage is security; you know that rules were made to be broken.

Marriage is about the future; you live in the now.

Marriage is about boundaries; you just want to be free.