Why People Born in October Love the Hardest

People born in October are the perfect representation of  ‘hopeless romantic’. Romance runs through their veins, it's in their heart and soul. They love hard and know how to balance out their emotions like no other, so love can always be present in everything they do.

They’re romantic souls that approach life with a lot of tenderness. Love and passion are their main source of motivation for how they take on life's challenges. They trust their romantic instincts enough to live in the moment and not worry too much about  “what if it doesn’t work out”. When it comes to love, once they find the person that sweeps them off their feet, they embrace their feelings and let themselves go to wherever their hearts lead them. If anything goes wrong, they know they’ll be able to handle failure because…

They always focus on the positive. And that makes them resilient to life's messiness. When relationships fail, they know they can rely on their ability to balance out their emotions to get over a broken hearts. They approach love with positivity because they strongly believe that true love exists so they’ll never allow past failures fog their loving nature.  

Their awareness of their own emotions makes them certain of what their hearts deserve. So they are not the type to allow someone play with their good-hearted intentions. They can identify when they’re settling for less and are not afraid to put a stop to anyone who tries to treat them like crap.

They search for harmony in every aspect of their life, especially in love and loyalty is how they, for the most part, find it.  They rarely cheat or go for the sporadic fling. They have an eye for the real thing and don’t like to waste their love on dead-end relationships. Even if they find themselves having the rare one night stand, or the on and off booty call, chances are, those brief encounters will turn into something more in spite of their initial intentions, after all…

They’re irresistibly charming and their ability to look into someone’s eye and inspire confidence and trust is literally a superpower. They can pick up on someone’s potential right away immediately making you feel comfortable around them. 

They are pretty good at communicating their feelings and making you feel like you can tell them anything. They mediate fairly and make conversations flow, so you’ll never find yourself having a dull conversation with them or getting stuck in one of those annoyingly stubborn argument loops. 

Their empathetic nature makes them a perfect candidate for what your heart desires, so if you’re lucky enough to fall for this type of person, chances are you’ll end up marrying your lover and best friend. And trust that it will last forever, not only because they know how to love hard and keep happiness alive in your life but also because…   

People born in October are romantic souls, so a life with them is always filled with love.