While You Can Get Away With It: 10 Guys to Date Before You Turn 30

The motto is: You try before you buy, but sometimes you’ve ruled out certain guys before even giving them a chance. Every stereotype has its pros, so while you’re young, open, and free to date whomever you want, go for a pick in the mix.

Here are some guys that every girl should get out of her system before you put a ring on it.

1. The Party Guy

This loose canon will be the life of the party: everyone knows him, he tells great jokes, and he loves karaoke. If you don’t want to be the girl with the boyfriend who never wants to go out, this is your guy. He’s down for whatever, but you might find him passed out in a corner with a dick drawn on his face. Although he may not necessarily be husband material, or even boyfriend material, you can count on him for a good time!

2. The Bad Boy

This guy is manufactured. It’s necessary to experience him in your 20s because the chances are slim that you’ll end up together for the long haul. He’s a rebel; he does what he wants; he thinks only about himself; he may even make you cry. The reason we get these guys out of our systems early in life is so that we appreciate the absolute gems later on. Plus, if the bad boy is that big of an asshole, there can only be one reason that you’re actually dating him: he’s HOT.

3. The Artsy Guy

Whether he’s a photographer, musician, or a writer, this guy is sensitive and has a creative mind. His idea of a date will most likely be unconventional: like trying out a hole-in-the-wall club with a live band, or participating in an interactive underground art show. If you’ve been holding off taking those nude, artsy pics because you want them to be classy: now is the time. He may even write a song about you.

4. The Surfer Brah

He could be a surfer, skater, or snowboarder, depending on where you live. These guys are laid back and hard to argue with; plus, with his sexy hair and rock hard abs, what could you possibly have to fight about? If you’ve just come out of a passionate or conflicting relationship, this could be your easy-peazy rebound. 

5. The Wolf of Wall Street

This guy knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to go get it. He’ll wine and dine you, he looks great in a suit, and he will take the reins on making plans. Even if you’re more of a free-spirited, DIY, street food kind of gal–never say never. Wall Streeters tend to lean right, so if you’re a leftie, you may find yourself in heated debates about gay marriage or the death penalty…but at least it will lead to hot makeup sex. The Wolf will certainly give you a taste of old school chivalry, and you’ll probably come out of it with a great jewelry collection.

6. The Vagabond

Backpackers don’t tend to stay put in one place for too long, so this may be a short but sweet relationship. He won’t be the guy to dote on you with flowers and chocolate, but life with him will be new and exciting. He knows how to live on a budget, where the best cultural food is, and he’d rather walk home and smell the rain than take a cab. Enjoy him for what he is, or hey, fuck it. Fly with him to Thailand.

7. The Green Fiend 

Grind it, spread it, lick it, stick it: he’ll know everything there is to know about the chill life. You will have a blast playing video games all night, debating philosophical theorems, and seeing who can stick more marshmallows in their mouth at one time. He may lack direction or motivation, but your biggest disagreement will be whether the dress is gold and white or blue and black.

8. The King of the Jungle

Macho, strong, and aggressive. The thing you’ll love most is feeling like his most prized possession. If you’re more the kind of gal who likes balance and equality, you may not be able to hold your tongue long enough to enjoy being swept off your feet…but give him a shot: he’ll throw you on his shoulders, wrestle in bed, and introduce you to his friends like you’re the fuckin’ Queen of England.

9. The Socialite

He either knows all of the promoters, or he is the promoter. You’ll never be without plans, and celeb sightings will be the norm. Because he is a regular at most of these places, you skip lines, sit first, and never see the bottom of your glass. Don’t freak out if he sometimes looks better than you, though: he gets paid to look good.

10. The Nymph 

You are glowing. Absolutely GLOWING. You know why? The multiple orgasms your guy is giving you. There doesn’t need to be much depth to your relationship because you two are so busy getting freaky between the sheets. Even if he isn’t very high functioning outside of the bedroom, you literally do not. Give. A shit. Bon Appetit!