"Unfortunately…I Need You."

“I have never known anyone who actually believed that I was enough. Until I met you. And then you made me believe it, too. So, uh… unfortunately… I need you. And you need me.” – Love and Other Drugs 

You entered my life like this storm I wasn’t quite prepared for. But I don’t say that in a bad way. I say it in such a way that is complimentary. Because sometimes the most unexpected things happen. I had all these plans. I had all these ideas. I had a vision of what my perfect partner would be. 

But then you entered my life washing away everything I had come to know and redefining not just the expectations I had of others but those I had for myself too. 

And I thought how could a single person enter your life and not so much change the life you live but enhance it in a way that the future only makes sense if they’re a part of it. 

So, unfortunately, I need you. 

I need your support in every unrealistic dream I may have. 

I need someone who is gonna know what kind of a day I’m having simply with a glance or the way I choose my words. 

I need someone who is gonna pick me up every time I fall, especially in moments when I question my own strength. 

I need someone who isn’t afraid to call me out or offend me when I’m wrong. 

I need someone who actually cares about how my day is. 

And asks how I’m feeling when I’m sick. 

I need someone who is there when my mind is racing. 

And someone to calm my nerves because they know what it’s like to worry. 

I need someone who understands my past because they’ve been there to endure it. 

I need someone whose love will make me better 

Whose love will make me whole. 

Because they didn’t tell me this life I was bound to lead, was gonna break me. 

But they also didn’t tell me, I was gonna meet someone who would put my broken pieces back together again.

They didn’t tell me I’d meet someone who would save me from myself. 

And you need me. 

You need me after long days, for the nights that I’ll make better. 

You need me for the company when you claim you don’t want any. 

You need me to understand things when it seems no one gets it. 

You need me to ease every worry and tell you “it’ll be okay.???  

You need me to accept the past because it’s made you who you are. 

Because all of it’s made you who you are. 

You need me for my love that I swear will never run out.  

You need me for my confidence because I know if anyone can make it we can. 

You need me for my acceptance because I’ll love every dark part of you there is. 

You need me for my support because if ever you fail I’ll still love you. 

You need me for your secrets that I’ll take to my grave. 

But most of all you need me to show you, you deserve to be loved just as much as you love me. 

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