To The Person Who Inspires Me Most

  You feed such positivity into my life…it’s like we bounce off of one another when it comes to ideas and dreams. It’s the belief not if I can do it but that I can.  

You make me want to be better than I am sometimes…because despite how many mistakes I make and the things I do wrong, you are that light in my life that reminds me I’m better than the person I am at my worst.  

You make me want to be the person you think I am all the time…you think so highly of me. I wish I was really that person all the time.  

You make me not want to settle…whether it’s a career choice or people I associate with, you are the one person who sets the example of what I should expect in people. Not only do you not let me settle but you are the one always reminding what it is I deserve in a person.

You make me want to do good…I see all the good you bring to everyone around you including myself. You make me want to have that impact on people. You make me want to inspire others. There’s an ora to you that pulls the good out of everyone else around them. You make me a better version of myself.  

You make me want to work hard…I see how hard you work. I see all you do and it makes me want to imitate you. You’re the type of person who hustles and works their ass off. It’s so admirable. 

You make me want to amount to all my dreams…you know those ones only you believed in. Those dreams you told me could become reality. When everyone was betting against me you never did. Even if it was just the two of us swimming upstream against them.  I knew I had you by my side and that was enough to give me strength to overcome the odds. 

Your support and love betters me…Simply you make everything about my life better and easier. Your love lifts me higher and shows me in one form or another what love is supposed to be. 

I can only hope I impact your life in a positive way, half as much as you do mine. But of the many things I know I’ll spend every day trying to be better because of you. But most of all I’ll never give up on you because you’ve never given up on me. 

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