To The Fearless Girls Who Had The Strength To Break-Up With Their Toxic Dad

Dads…Who needs them? All girls do but unfortunately, yours didn’t fit the bill as ‘world’s best dad’ and you had no choice but to gather up your ‘daddy’s little princess’ dreams and kicked the toxic bastard to the curb.

It hurt, stung and burned your soul, but you must trust that it’s the best decision you ever made and that you’re going to kick ass at living life without your dad.

Whether it was because of emotional or physical abuse, the dude failed at his fundamental job to unconditionally love, protect and nurture you.

It must be clear that his lack of effort and ability to love is not your fault. It doesn’t have to define you or haunt and shape your capacity to love and receive love.

Your resilient heart has come this far, you made the conscious choice to separate yourself from his toxic influence, and that along has already set you up for a better mañana.

Yes, it’s a great loss, probably one of the hardest break-ups you have to endure, but it has also shown your inner strength and the power you have to fight for the love that you warrant. Cheer up, you’re a self-made badass!

You might still love the guy, and that’s ok, it doesn’t make you a weak person. It just highlights your loving nature and reminds you every day that you’re far from being like him.

Yeah, I know! What you’ve experienced with your dad has made an everlasting mark on your concept of love and affection, and you might feel like you’re cursed to forever lack true love. You are not. He was a dick, not a wizard, so come on, girl, you got this!

Remember that you’re now free to open yourself to the love that best fits that big heart of yours. Take it easy, though, baby steps are needed since you might be fragile and guarded at first.

You’re not a porcelain doll, you just need some time to assess your feelings and better judge your instincts.

Be protective but assertive with your heart. Be kind to yourself when you fail at allowing others to get close to you, care for you and love you. You’ll get better at being comfortable being vulnerable.

The hardest part is over and what lays ahead is a better you and lots of opportunities to redefine and live your truths.

You are not a daddy’s little princess, you’re more. You’re a grown ass independent woman that loves right, loves hard and has learned to forgive and leave the past behind.