To The Beautifully Broken Girl You Don't Need Fixing

I bet you look at yourself and it feels like there are pieces of you missing. You give the best of yourself to people and they don’t always reciprocate it. 

I know it hurts sometimes. I know what it’s like to crumble time and time again. I know what it’s like to look at your reflection and wonder what it is you’re doing wrong. You think you have a million flaws. You think you need to change. You think it’s you that isn’t good enough for people in your life but in reality, it’s the people in your life who aren’t good enough for you. 

You should admire yourself. 

You look at others and it seems they have it all together right? They almost seem perfect. From the outside looking in, it seems they don’t know pain. Anyone who looks at you, you think sees a broken canvas of a person who is a bit of a mess. 

But that’s your own perspective on things. I can assure you what they really see  is beauty. What they admire is your ability to continue to believe in people when you feel like  you shouldn’t. 

Feeling broken means you took the right chance. 

If you’re hurting it’s because you were brave enough to love. 

You see someone who needs something you have and you give it to them. Whether it’s a piece of your confidence or a piece of your love. You give without expecting anything in return.  Some people might take what they need from you and go on their way. But it hasn’t changed you. That’s real beauty. You’re so rare to come across and you don’t need fixing. 

You know happiness because you’ve seen sadness. You know strength because others made you feel like you were weak. You know love because it hasn’t always been reciprocated. You know your worth because despite how others treat you, it doesn’t influence how you treat them.

Because you can’t fix something that’s already perfect

You’re perfect in your own way…like art really. You can’t be remade or duplicated. You are unapologetically yourself and that makes you beautiful. 

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