Thoughts We Have When Seeing His Dick for the First Time

But even before his pants are off you start thinking…

Is his dick gonna be big or small? 

You look at his height and try not to make assumptions.

Cause sometimes there are those rare occasions where he’s short with a big dick.

Or tall with a really small one. And you send your condolences for a moment before doing work. 

Then the pants get unzipped and that monster we both fear and love, he hangs there before us. 

Okay, he shaved points for him. 

If it’s small I think I can handle this.

Or oh fuck this is gonna hurt.

You’d never tell him you’re secretly rating his dick compared to others.

Like if I can handle so and so… I got this.

Or this is bigger than any I’ve experienced before

I wish I drank more.

Or why does it look like that?

God why do dicks have to be so ugly?

He was more attractive with his pants on.

Or I need his dick in and around my mouth.

Or I need him inside me now.  

Then you think…  how the hell am I going to approach this? 

Can I fit the whole thing in my mouth without throwing up?

What is it gonna taste like?

I hope it’s not awful.

Regardless, you compliment it. 

Boost his ego always, it’ll make the sex better.

Little spit and a handjob as you continue thinking.

In health class, they told me to be safe. Ask questions. But the simplistic question of “hey do you have an STD is a total mood killer.”

So you keep staring at his dick kind of examining it for a moment and praying to God he doesn’t have anything you can’t detect with the naked eye.

But at this point you’re so horny you put the condom on and go for it. Still thinking… 

If his dick is bigPlease don’t break. 

If it’s thin and small….Please don’t slide off. 

Please don’t get stuck in me.  

Please don’t get me pregnant. 

Please don’t make me have to get Plan B tomorrow.