The Worst Part About Losing a Best Friend, Is Losing Her to Him

The kind of friendships you have, that are unconditional, that you stick with throughout the years, are hard to find. It’s one thing to meet someone who you click with so perfectly, who just gets you on every level you always wished a friend would… And it’s another thing to watch each other grow, from young women who were wide-eyed and innocent, to more mature (well, at least a little!) grown ups. 

Just your very history with this person makes for the fact that you will continue to write a history with them, no matter what happens next.

You anticipate certain downfalls, sure, every friendship has moments where you’re frustrated beyond belief and wanna scream at each other. But you didn’t expect things to go this way, no, not with him. 

For years, you had done your best to protect her heart and mind against his wrongful actions. Each time he showed up, she was a goner. A goner to you and to herself. It’s like she didn’t know the boundaries between wrong and right anymore – his effect was that intoxicating. And you tried to be happy for her, during the times that she was happy. And you were there for her when she came back, each and every time, telling you about another story, another way he hurt her.

You stood by her side, when she gathered up the strength and decided not to look back. She regained her sense of self, her pride, her confidence. She had people admiring her all over the place and you were so glad she finally got it, that there was more to life and love than that asshole. 

It was back to nights out on the town, meeting people from left to right, going home at hours your mother would not approve of. You had your person again and you guys were a force to be reckoned with, that’s for sure. She could see past the darkness that was holding her back for so long, and breathe easily again. 

Everything was fine, until one day, when all her pains and anxieties seemed like a thing of the past, he came knocking on her door again. He told her how he loved her, how it was her that he loved this whole time (this whole time!), and how he wished he could rewind back to the day they met so that he had never hurt her in the first place.

Her expression was overcome with relief and joy. And all you could do was sit there, in awe, bewildered at the whole ordeal. The fact that she was giving him another chance made your head spin. But you had to support her, unconditionally, no matter what. You had to believe that this was just a small chapter in your history together, because you had faith that your story wasn’t ending here. 

But that didn’t mean you forgave him for hurting her.

Because while she may be able to love him again, there’s no way you will ever fully let his actions slide. Not when it comes to your best friend. 

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