The Minutes After: 3 Reasons Why Cuddling After Sex is Important

A Toronto study team conducted two surveys on relationship and sexual satisfaction, targeting couples in heterosexual relationships.

The study interviewed the participants before monitoring their physical relationships for a period of three weeks, with the objective being to predict variables that could affect satisfaction in relationships. Now, here is the research finding: Couples who spent more time on post coital cuddling were more likely to experience a feeling of satisfaction with their love making lives as well as with their relationships in general. Bam!

Of course, this was just a small study but the findings do carry a lot of weight. Post coital cuddling is a perfect way to prolong the sense of intimacy and connection. Cuddling gives you a chance to have even more quality time together, allowing you to bask in all the “feel good?? hormones that are released during love making. So, what’s the brouhaha about cuddling after? Well, here are three reasons why you need to take cuddling after sex seriously.

  1. A Show Of Appreciation Genuine appreciation shows acceptance above just pure love making, showing that you are special to the partner you have just made love to. Most women get turned off when their partners turn over and fall asleep immediately after sex. This leaves them unsatisfied, and quite often women feel used when their partners lose interest in them after sex. Cuddling, talking and having fun after sex stimulates a woman’s sense of appreciation. Everyone needs appreciation, so there is nothing extraordinary in this. And for your information, cuddling after love making can also be a perfect warm up for a second round.

  2. Closeness Through Cuddling Getting together physically is one thing. However, if you truly want to get closer mentally and emotionally, then you need to cuddle after sex. This type of closeness can truly keep you together during times of crisis. Even when you are both tired, and all she wants is to lie in your arms, this kind of closeness can also lead to a quickie. There are many types of after-play, and the more stimulated a woman is emotionally, the more she will put up with things like premature ejaculation and even a poor show in bed. It is important that you couple together in this phase of your sexual bonding.

  3. More Physical Attraction Through Cuddling For most men, sexual and at times physical attraction, ends with sex. However, participating in after-play activities like cuddling is a great way of showing appreciation beyond infatuation. This is one of the most important phases if you want to bond with your partner. Cuddling after sex is truly important for the relationship as it’s a great way of showing appreciation. As such, it’s important that you participate in this phase of love making. You need great foreplay, intercourse, and, of course, after-play to match your partner’s expectations. Your relationship and overall satisfaction will be greatly enhanced when you make cuddling after sex an important aspect of your relationship.