The 24 Things You Learn About Someone During Pillow Talk

Although fancy dinners or cute dates to the park are a great way to learn about someone, nothing compares to the strange quirks that come out during pillow talk. After getting it done, people are usually open to feeling vulnerable and aren’t inhibited to talk about their hopes, dreams, and what their favorite boy band was in the 5th grade.

If you’re ready to spill your guts, or learn about how strange your partner really is, pillow talk is definitely the right time to bring it up. Here are 24 things you only learn about someone during pillow talk.

1. The ridiculous nicknames of her pets.

“Comeeehere mister shnuggie face” is bound to kill your drive as her fluff ball of a dog hops into the bed and wedges himself between you and your girl.

2. His secret sexual fantasies.

Tie-ups? Feet? It’ll only make you wanna go at it again or run far away.

3. How old she was when she stopped wetting the bed.

…Said in a reluctant manner while telling each other your truths.

4. Why he doesn’t like half his family.

Things just got really serious, really fast.

5. Her pet peeves.

The sound of quarters scratching on a surface, or foreign accents, it’ll just make her seem even more cute and adorably and cuddly.

6. Every strange thing he saw that day.

Telling her about the dad on a razor scooter, scootin around the city is guaranteed to elicit a giggle.

7. Her guiltiest guilty pleasures.

Things like trash reality TV and post-work relaxation rituals are all going to be discovered anyway when you walk in on her, binging on housewives.

8. Where his scars came from.

This is especially fun to learn about if the scar is only visible sans clothing.

9. What her tattoo means.

Standard conversational topic, but it’s a lot sexier when she goes into detail about the story behind it.

10. His favorites.

It’s kind of a given to discuss tv shows, movies, and foods, but pillow talk favorites can be anything from his favorite position to his favorite celebrity fantasy.

11. Why she’s deathly afraid of people dressed in mascot costumes.

If you’ve got time to kill and like to lounge in bed cuddling, a lot of these crazy stories will come up.

12. The last book he read.

For the intellectual couple.

13. That time she snuck out of the house to go party in high school.

So now you know that your partner has a wild side.

14. The most exotic food he ever ate.

Best way to gauge how daring or chicken he is.

15. Her deepest most secret hopes and dreams.

What kind of path is she really on?

16. His opinions of space and the universe.

The most fun and liberating way to discuss your theories of multiple dimensions and intelligent life on other planets.

17. Her go-to breakfast food or mid-night snack.

Because that post sexy-time snack is necessary.

18. His favorite quality in a partner.

A useful way to find out what he really values in a person.

19. Her religion/spirituality.

Talking about faith or lack-thereof is very telling of your partner’s character.

20. His passion for cooking, painting, or their most creative hobby.

Aside from his professional career, you learn about his skills on the piano.

21. What she actually wants to do in life.

Not just her day-to-day job that pays the bills.

22. What part of his body he doesn’t like.

Insecurities and touchy subjects.

23. What aspect about herself that makes her feel confident.

Dem long legs and her sparkling personality are definitely things worth bragging about.

24. How much your partner just enjoyed getting it on with you.