Stay Single Until You Find the Guy Who’s Truly and Completely Faithful

Because being faithful means, there’s no backup plan to the relationship that you’re in. You’re so invested and involved in the love that you share that it never crosses your mind to second guess your relationship or your heart. “What if this ends” is never in the back of your head, so you gladly remove yourself from all your online dating accounts.

It means going out of your way to make sure that anyone that’s interested in you knows that you’re taken, without caring if they think that you’re being rude.

Nothing gives you more joy than to show off your relationship status to others. You stop girls cold if they flirt with you because your girlfriend’s feelings are more important to you than a thirty-second ego boost you can get from some girl’s flirty intentions.

It’s never falling for the peer pressure of people or friends when being in a situation where they wanna make you part of their douchey pursuits.

It means never finding excuses to justify their shady behavior or any on your part. You simply don’t put yourself in that situation in the first place, but if by any fucked up circumstance you found yourself almost crossing the line, you are man enough to own up to it, put your loyalty in check and go above and beyond to rectify your almost disloyal actions.

Because being faithful means that you’re always honest and never lie or hide anything from the person that you love.

You take pride in the open communication that you have and cherish the fact that your girlfriend respects and trusts your individuality and independence. So whether some girl asked for your number or an ex-booty call texted you to say “what’s up,” you’re always happy to make your girlfriend the first one to know about it. Whatever you do out in the social world is never something that would offend or jeopardize your relationship, because you’re loyal to what you have and that means…

You never treat other girls with the same love and affection that you have for your girlfriend, not even your best girlfriends.

You know how to set boundaries with your personal relationships because you know the difference between being the guy who honors the love for his girlfriend, being a friend and what falls under the category of being a douche canoe.

Being faithful means you understand and respect your person’s values and beliefs on loyalty, and compromise with her even when some of those beliefs might not be your own.

Because what you have with her is the type of love that is worth fighting and compromising for and you never want to tarnish the trust that you have and have worked so hard to build.

It means that you’re aware that cheating can be physical, mental or emotional, so you stay away from risking falling into any of its categories.

You know it can be the thing that crushes your relationship, so you protect both your hearts at all costs from ever crossing that line.

Because you are with the person that you love the most, the one that makes you feel whole and that you know you’re meant to be with forever. You can’t fathom the chance or possibility of letting someone else in your heart in any shape or form…

So at the end of the day being faithful simply means, always choosing your girlfriend first, every second, every day.