"If You're Gonna Leave It Ain't Gonna Break My Heart"

I won’t ask you to stay.

I’ve never been one for begging or pleading or trying to convince someone to be a part of my life. I know my value and it isn’t to think twice about this thing potentially ending. You don’t need to stay here. Everyone has a choice of who they want to help write their story. And if you were meant to only be on a page or two, I’ll be the first to turn the page.

And I won’t bother asking why you’re going.

Because whatever your reasons may be, you’ve made that decision. So go ahead and leave. In fact, I dare you. You don’t need to threaten me or try and make me feel bad because I won’t. I have enough people who want to be in my life, why would I bother worrying about you if you have somewhere else to be. 

And I won’t think twice about you when you leave. 

Don’t think I’ll shed a tear over your absence. There are literally a million other people who will love me the right way. There are people who will come into my life and stay. So if you are leaving just to see if it shakes me up a bit, I’ll laugh in your face because you aren’t that important.

I refuse to miss someone who doesn’t want to stay.

Why would I waste time missing someone who doesn't want to be here? It's a waste of negative energy mourning over something that’s clearly over. I won’t miss you because I know better than to miss someone who is stupid enough to leave in the first place.

Because it’s your loss more than it is mine.

If you are too blind to see what it is you have in front of you, which is someone who once cared and wanted this thing to work, that’s your flaw, not mine.

And if you leave my heart’s the last thing you’ll take with you.

When someone hurts me even remotely, I write them off. I refuse to give you my heart as a parting gift, just to watch you break it bit by bit. 

The only thing you’ll get as you leave is a wish of farewell, and an eye roll for wasting my time and a little bit of a chuckle for how foolish you are.

Just close the door behind you. 

But I don’t resent you or think negatively of you. Honestly, sooner rather than later you won't even be a thought. I will move on, just as you have. But I promise you, I’ll do it faster and better.

And don’t plan on coming back.

I don’t give second chances. Because the right person only needs one chance. So when you come back begging and pleading for another try, I kindly ask you to hold your breath. You can keep looking my way and hoping I look back. But it will be in my absence you learn the art of falling for someone who isn’t even there.

And if ever the nighttime mixes with loneliness, as you reach for your phone late at night, if I do answer I’ll probably reply "who’s this?" Because the first thing I did, as you left, was deleted the same number that I never want to hear from again.

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