If He's 'Love Bombing' You, He's a Douchebag

‘Love Bombing’ is literally the devil of all dating trends. First of its kind, It’s the mother of all mind fucks and the Queen of WTFs. 

It’s a devious tactic where the love bomber uses attention and a whole lot of affection, like 10 seconds after you first meet, just to make you put your guard down and surrender your heart to a super intense experience. Plot twist, the guy then drops you like a hot potato the second the high fades away for him, like right after you’re already planning your future together. 

If you’re being loved bombed right now, you’re oblivious to the fact that pretty soon, out of left field, the son of a bitch is gonna pull this douchey move on you, so…

Use your wits to the max and really question what’s underneath their overflowing signs of affection. Make sure his intentions are legit and he’s not fucking with your head just to get what he wants. 

The love bomber is quick to spot your insecurities to then use them to target your heart. It’s the use of positive reinforcement at its best. So even if it feels like he’s the sweetest man that you’ve ever met,  because he’s praising every flaw you have. Take a step back and don’t be to quick to buy into every single word that comes out of his mouth, after all…

They sweet talk like a pro. They’re after immediate gratification, so the faster they can get you to fall for the fantasy they’re trying to sell you, the better. So there are no boundaries to how they’ll butter you up, it can range from; “You’re my soulmate” to “I can’t wait for my family to meet you” and it’s only been a few hours since you met. 

They actually go out their way to make plans for the future. What a mind fuck!

And then shower you with gifts only to reinforce all the “promises” they made. Their interest progresses so fast, they don’t give you a chance to doubt their intentions, after all, who’d give so much so quickly if they weren’t really serious about their feelings?. Exactly. 

So they drag you along as long as they’re hooked on the high of having you eating on the palm of their hand. It’s a wild and intense high that blinds you and consumes you emotionally. Until the intensity starts wearing off for them and their behavior takes a turn to the dark side. 

The love bomber starts getting into ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ mode as a way to manipulate your emotional state. They can go from loving to controlling in a hot sec. The truth is, they’re done using you to satisfy their ego and now they’re ready to move on to the next high. 

Since they’re not capable of taking responsibility for their actions, their last move, consists on turning the situation around to make you think that you’re the one to blame for them not wanting to stick around anymore. 

Fake love can feel so real, so anyone can be a victim of love bombing. Be wise with your heart and don’t be quick to buy into empty promises.