I Hope You Remember Me Like This

We entered each other’s lives as these single souls that simplistically fit together. What was once a “me??? became a “we??? so easily. 

But somewhere along the way we just lost that.  

There we were at a crossroads and all we saw ahead was uncertainty. It was an uncertainty that neither of us could shake. We knew nonetheless, that our parts in each other’s story together was bitterly coming to an end.

Goodbye rolled off my tongue and before I could take it back, it was over. Tears streamed down our faces and neither of us wanted to let go. Even as I pulled away, I could feel you resisting. 

Goodbye becomes the world’s saddest word when you don’t know when you are going to say hello, again.

The only thing you can do is replay each moment together, in a desperate attempt not to forget. Your presence becomes wholeheartedly consumed by the memory of your past, and the life you used to lead. 

So even though it wasn’t us in the end, I hope you remember me like this…

For every kiss I gave you and you kissed me back even harder.

For every night I tossed and turned and you pulled me in, protecting me from the darkness and the unknown.

For every joke that only we understood.

For every one of my glances in which you knew what I was saying.

For every dinner where we held hands across the table.

For every night we shared secrets and talked about our day. 

For every dream that we imagined for our future together. 

For every night we’d be in a room full of people and I’d only see you. 

For every night we ditched everyone else so it was only just us. 

For every time you said, “I love you”, and I replied, “I love you more.??? 

For every movie I promised to stay up for, even though we both knew I’d be sleeping by opening credits. 

For every picture that captured us in that moment. 

For 2 a.m disagreements we only had so we could meet up. 

For everything we taught each other, not just about love, but also about trust.

We danced around together in a world we made our own. We shared a love that was a once in a lifetime sort of thing. And even though it might not have been us in the end, I hope you remember every good moment that I can’t ever forget. 

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