I Flat Out Refuse to Date You if It’s Not a “Hell Yeah???

“If I feel anything less than, ‘Wow! That would be amazing! Absolutely! Hell yeah!’ – then my answer is no.” Derek Sivers

The other night I went on a date. Before the date I was nervous as hell – anxiety was creeping up all over me, my thoughts were racing, and my hands were gross and clammy.

The date went as well as any classic first date would – awkward conversations and smiles – and ended with a really good kiss. But when my friends asked me if I wanted to see him again, I didn’t really know what to respond. My answer was kind of in between. It wasn’t a no, but it certainly wasn’t a “Hell yeah” either.

Which is why I’m putting it on the backburner. Unless he contacts me to hang out again, and turns it into a “Hell yes,” then my answer is “no.” I’m not going to make a date that was just okay the epicenter of my existence.

And neither should you.

If you go on a date that leaves you saying anything short of “Hell yeah,” dedicate yourself to the things that do make you feel that way. Like cooking dinner with your best friends. Watching a new movie and going all out on buttered popcorn and candy, and soda. Going to your favorite team’s game. Binge-watching your favorite new show. All the things that make you say “Absolutely” – not just “Sure” or “Okay.”

So no sitting by the phone, hoping for a text from what’s-his-face. No hovering over a send button on Friday night and wondering if you should send that ever so fateful “What’re you up to tonight?” text.

This brings us to another point, perhaps even more important…

Which is that you should never waste your time thinking about someone who doesn’t say “Hell yeah” about you. Or someone who says they do, while their actions prove otherwise.

If you even come close to wondering or doubting whether someone feels “Hell yeah” for you, put that sh*t away. Your time’s too precious to waste on someone who feels just eh about you.

“Hell yeah” isn’t just a choice you make about someone in the very beginning of a relationship, either. Weeks, months, and years down the line, they should still make you utter the words “Hell yeah” when you wake up. And if you’ve found yourself in a relationship like that, then you’re one of the lucky ones. Go tell that person how much you love them and make them say “Hell yeah.”

More than just love, you should be saying “Hell yeah” when it comes to every facet of life. Work, hobbies, what you wanna do today, where you wanna go, what you wanna eat.

Because if life’s short then we should only be throwing ourselves into the things that we’re truly passionate about, that ignite a fire in our hearts, and make us say “Hell yeah.”

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