Dear Mom, Happy Father's Day


Happy Father’s Day to my one stop shop of a parent!  

You have been my confidante, my best friend, my hero, my enemy, my mom, and my dad.  Thanking you seems fruitless because I’ll never be able to fully articulate how much you're valued. But, here goes a try…

Thank you for teaching me that I can do and be whatever the hell I want.  You let me decide if I wanted to be a ballerina or a ball player and you were there to support me at both events.  You taught me that there were no limits to my life, you let me be free.

Thank you for going without.  I know that the only reason that I can be and do whatever I want, is because often times, you didn't.  You gave up a chunk of yourself to let me travel, get me through college, and pay my bills when I couldn't.  You spent years at crappy jobs to buy me the ice skates that I needed, my indispensable voice lessons, and yet another cell phone when I lost my third.

You also gave up some of your identity to be my mom.  You gave up a bit of you to show me all of ‘me’.  You are selfless.    

Thank you for wiping my tears when I cried about dad.  His departure was sad on all of us, and it must have been terrible on you.  You never once said a bad word about him- and you could have.  

When I doubted if dad loved me, you reassured me.  You defended the man who hurt you so deeply.  Thank you for allowing me to vent about him, even though you never did. Thank you for forcing me to make amends.

As an adult, you are my best friend.  You have seen me through all of my trials, my heart breaks, and my triumphs.  Thank you for being my number one fan- and sometimes, the only one in my cheering section.  

When my ego couldn't bear to hear another “no”, you were there to say “yes”.  So many times you've stood behind me to give me an extra push.  You watched me through career changes and heart breaks.  Your advice is always impeccable.  I am truly sorry that I don't always listen.  

Thanks for pulling double duty.  Thanks for being the good cop AND the bad cop.  Thank you for shouting at me when I missed curfew, and thank you for going easy on the punishment.  Thank you for cleaning up my messes, and thank you for getting me a bit messy. 

Today and always, I hope that you know how special you are.  I am so glad that I have a dad like you.

Mom, you are a fierce woman.  Thank you for being a fierce father.