Dating Pitfalls: Avoiding the Freaks, Geeks and the Thoroughly Undatable

You know what’s sad? Like, really, just downright pathetic? That we focus so much of our lives on trying to find “the one,"? and years later, here we are, still single, with nothing to show for it except some cringe-worthy stories and a couple of drunken hook-ups we’d prefer to the pretend never happened. 

So it was with a weary swiping finger and admittedly low expectations that I tried The Inner Circle – a dating app for professionals that purports to offer better results and a better quality of singles to choose from (don’t they all?). Actually – and surprisingly – The Inner Circle lives up to the promise, and then some. 

It’s got the same basic benefits that we’ve all gotten used to in other popular apps – you can swipe around to check out other people on the network, and it’s got location searching so you can narrow down singles in your area – but what really separates The Inner Circle from other dating apps are the features that make dating fun again:

  • There is a screening process, so everyone using the app are more likely to be people I’d be interested in going out with. Ambitious, young professionals- like me. And before you get out your picket signs and protesting that the app is exclusionary, let me go on record as saying I found people there from all careers, education levels, races, religions, etc – but if keeping out the whack-jobs and the freak shows is “exclusionary"? then, for the love of God, yes, let it stay exclusive.
  • If I’m interested in someone, I can message them directly – it’s as simple as that. I don’t have to go through this long, boring, back and forth process. 
  • They’ve got live events. I don’t mean like awkward speed dating events (is that still a thing?) – I mean more like blow-out rooftop parties and after work happy hours. I went to one of these (again, not expecting much), and was blown away by the crowd of singles that were there – hot, talkative, energetic people…the kind that I’ve been wanting to find in this city but had almost given up on.

If you’re rolling your eyes at this, thinking it’s bullshit and not with trying, that’s cool – with that attitude you probably not my type anyway. But for everyone else, who wants to meet someone real and have fun doing it, I would definitely recommend checking out The Inner Circle and seeing how different it really is. You can register for free: The Inner Circle