An Open Letter to The Girl I'll Never Get Over

There are people that come and go out of our lives all the time. Then there are the people who leave an impression on us that we’ll never forget.

You were that girl.

We were both new at the high school we met at. You and your Mom moved around a bit, and I had moved around with my Mom a lot… but now I was living with my father in a new town with new people.

I remember first meeting you in class. Was it health class? I can’t envision the room quite clearly, but maybe that’s because all I’m seeing is you. I had never met a sweeter person in my life.

You befriended everyone. You would never make someone feel as if they were excluded from the group. The kids who usually felt ostracized or alienated would feel so comfortable with you. That’s because you were a warm person who didn’t judge people by their looks or status. We could give a f*ck about status.

You introduced me to great music. You bought me that Sufjan Stevens album that I absolutely love. It always made me want to visit Chicago. And Beirut! I’m literally listening to “Postcards from Italy” right now while writing this. Every time I hear it I think of the times we had. The song also goes, “The times we haaaaad” lol

We would drive around all the time in my car even though I hated driving. Then you got a car and we’d switch it up every so often.

I’d help you babysit and you’d see how much kid’s loved me for I don’t know what reason. Then we’d lay together and talk as are clammy hands got closer to each other’s.

We first kissed on the top of my bunk bed. Yeah, real romantic. My stepbrother was underneath talking to your friend. I wanted to keep kissing you, but you weren’t single, and it felt so shitty. Why did I keep playing into the bullsh*t? I guess I was transfixed…

I ended up being the guy you went to when all your relationships fell apart. None of them ever seemed that serious to me, but I guess that’s because I always thought we would end up together at some point. I was so naive. I later realized that I was obviously being friend zoned, or as HIMYM would call it, “On somebody’s hook.”

Flash forward years later. You went to London (or somewhere awesome like that) and I moved out on my own into the big city. We talked once or twice, but never really reconnected.

Now I just run through your pictures on Facebook every now and then when you pop into my mind… or when I’m feeling lonely.

I’m sure one day I’ll get over you. I’ll forget all about you once I’ve fallen for the right person.

But until then…