An Open Letter to My Best Friend This Is What You Deserve In a Guy

I look at you and I just see all that is good. I see how happy you make everyone around you. How your laugh is so contagious. No matter where we go you’re the first to make conversations with people. You truly are one of a kind and I consider it a privilege to call myself your best friend. 

But for some reason, you don’t see yourself the way I do and everyone does. Sometimes I wonder what it is you see in the mirror? I wonder what you tell yourself. But more than that I wonder why you choose people who aren’t worthy of you. You get hurt not because you aren’t good enough but because they aren’t. I wish you saw that. 

I’m going to take a moment and tell you what it is you deserve in a person. 

You deserve to never go to bed mad or crying. 

You deserve morning texts because even if you don’t know it, someone out there is thinking about you before they open their eyes. 

You deserve someone asking you to slow dance. 

You deserve someone other than me telling you, you are one of the most beautiful people there is. 

Because you are. 

Someone who is so sure of you. 

You deserve someone who wants you and only you.   

Someone who wants to introduce you to their parents. 

You and I both know every parent loves you. 

In fact, everyone loves you. 

You deserve to meet his friends who already know you because he can’t stop talking about you. 

You deserve someone who will help carry any burdens you tend to bear alone. 

You’re one of the strongest people I know but I’d love for you not to have to be sometimes.

You deserve surprises and random gifts and random compliments. 

You deserve to look at someone with confidence. 

And you deserve someone who sees only you in a crowded room. 

You deserve someone who encourages every dream you have even the crazy ones. 

You deserve someone who is going to reciprocate all the love you have to give.  

It takes a rare type of person who deserves all you have to give. 

Because they aren’t just getting you as a girlfriend…

They’re getting your unconditional love. 

They’re getting your support. 

They’re getting someone who will always put them first. 

They’re getting someone who is a dreamer but more than that a doer.  

They’re getting someone who will teach them how to love the right way. 

They’re getting the best type of person there is. 

They’re getting someone who will make their lives so much better.

I know this because you make my life better just by being in it. 

You deserve the best guy there is. I bet he’s struggling to find you too. I bet he’s going through days where he wonders if there is anyone like him at all. 

And when you meet him and I’m there giving your wedding speech I look forward to saying I told you so. 

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