9 Signs You're Scared to Give Love a Chance

You wish you could say that love is a simple thing for you. But it’s not, it’s complicated. Like really complicated. 

  1. Your friends wonder why you’re single. You’re pretty and smart, they say. You should be able to get a date by now. But what they don’t understand is that there’s a lot going on underneath the surface and you know most people wouldn’t be able to handle it. 

  2. It takes time for you to open up. Like a lot of time…because if you’re going to trust someone with your love, they have to be the kind of person you could trust with your life.

  3. You have a heart of ice. Or really, your heart is encased in ice with no plans of softening anytime soon. You’ve tried opening up but have been hurt so badly, that you’re just not ready to open it up again.

  4. You’ve had a difficult past…which is why you have trouble opening up. You don’t know if people would wanna know about your heavy past. I mean, you understand it’s okay to open up but at the same time, you don’t wanna be a debbie downer.

  5. You shut down when you get angry. You can’t stand the flood of feelings that come when you’re emotional. It’s why you suppress them. It’s so much easier for you to give someone the silent treatment than go through the pain of talking it out. It can be overwhelming for someone like yourself who’s not good at the whole feelings thing.

  6. You’re always in doubt when it comes to love. You’d like to be optimistic when it comes to love, but you tend to fall right back into cynicism every time.

  7. It’s easy for you to grow distant…because it’s hard to stay connected to others when you’re always in your head.

  8. You’re secretly deathly afraid of abandonment…because you’ve experienced it before and it’s the worst feeling. The emptiness and longing going hand and hand always puts you in a state of depression. You always wonder if people in your life are here to stay.

  9. It’s hard for you to love because you’re so hard on yourself. You tend to validate yourself by what you do instead of who you are. The way you see yourself is the same way you see yourself in others.

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