9 Reasons Why Dutch Guys Are the Best Guys to Date

Out of all the countries far, far away, tucked in the Northern bits of Europe, the Netherlands is one that’s saturated with lots of dateable dudes. I can attest to the fact that they’ve almost ruined American men for me. Though I am generalizing a bit, here are some trends I’ve seen:

1. Um, they’re gorgeous?

So the entire country is like a straight girl’s wet dream because there’s not a shortage, but a surplus of hot, strong, Adonis type of men walking around. IN PACKS. Plus, they’re super tall. And you’ll yourself gaping at them with an open mouth the second you step foot into the airport. 

2. They don’t waste their time on someone they’re not serious about.

You’ll hardly meet a Dutch guy that keeps a girl on the backburner just to feed his own ego. And if you do, he’s one in a million. If a Dutch guy is talking to you, there’s very little guesswork involved because it means he actually likes you. If he doesn’t, he won’t string you along, either.

4. A lot of Dutch guys – surprise, surprise – like being in relationships.

There’s something to be said for guys that actually look forward to being in relationships. And that’s that they’re rare. But go to the Netherlands and you’ll see plenty of ‘em that are actually happy to be in relationships.

3. They’re, uh, well-endowed.

The size of the junk they’re hiding in their pants can reach a pretty impressive scale. And that’s not just hearsay, that’s numerous reports out there confirming that they’re among Europe’s biggest specimen (strikethrough) spesemen. Go look it up.


5. They’re loyal as hell.

Dutch people are known to stay friends with the people they’ve known since they were, like, two years old. They don’t keep people around that they only feel eh about. So if you’re together, he’s probably not thinking of getting rid of you anytime soon.

6. Dutch guys are family oriented.

Dutch guys have a lot of respect for their families. They look up to their parents, take care of their relatives, and enjoy being around their family. It’s likely that whatever events have gone down in their family, they’re profoundly affected by it.

7. They like to party.

Parties in the Netherlands are downright crazy. So if you’re dating a Dutch guy, don’t expect a Netflix and chill in bed kinda weekend. You can do that when you’re hungover from the weekend.

8. They keep it simple.

With these dudes, there are no games. They know what they like and they go after it. The whole “men are so complicated??? thing really flies out the window, because they make their intentions pretty damn obvious.

9. They’re blunt and honest.

This is a country that doesn’t speak the language of passive-aggressiveness. When something’s up, they vocalize it. Tourists sometimes mistake their bluntness for rudeness, but it’s actually the best way to go if you thrive off open communication in a relationship.

So, ladies, book that trip. Now.

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