8 Ways to Actually Connect With Your Grandparents Over the Holidays

When the holidays come around, the whole family gets together to celebrate. If you don’t see your grandparents often enough, though, here are some ways to connect with them that go beneath just “How are you” and “I’m fine.” 

1. Ask them about their holiday traditions when they were growing up as a kid. 

As you sit down with them and experience your family’s own set of traditions, ask them about what their family did over their holidays. Times were different, technology was different – they surely had to have some unique ways of celebrating.

2. Whether or not their better half is still alive, ask them about the first time they spent a holiday together and what that was like.

The holidays are a big time for assessing whether or not you want to take someone home to spend it with you and your family. So many factors are involved in the decision process, but sometimes, you just know when someone’s right. How did your grandparents know? Were things more strict back then? How did their families react?

3. Get the dirt on your parents when they were growing up.

As surprising as it may seem, parents were not in fact born as parents. One of the best parts about having grandparents is that they experienced your parents as kids. So ask about what your parents were like growing up, how they were as teenagers, what they did to rebel, what got them grounded. It’s nice to know that your parents also had to go through their own ups and downs growing up.

4. Ask them what they would have done differently in life.

With age comes wisdom. And your grandparents are your first source for that. Since they have a long life behind them, see if there’s something they would’ve chosen to do differently. Find out from them so you can maybe apply it to your own life. 

5. Ask them what they’re most proud of in this world.

When it comes to what means most to people in this world, it’s usually never money or looks or status. Get a glimpse into what they treasure more than anything; what they will be proud of once they leave this planet. And make sure that you too can be proud of something later on. 

6. See if they were just as confused as you might be right now.

Growing up is tough. You’re probably in a place where very little makes sense. But there’s comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in this. Your grandparents probably had to go through some growing pains of their own. 

7. Ask them if they ever imagined the world today to be like this.

The speed at which technology has become more advanced shot up like crazy in the last few years. Cell phones, iPads, apps – all those things didn’t exist so long ago. Not only that but music has changed, as have movies. Get their opinions and their thoughts, see if they ever imagined a world like this before.

8If they had one wish, one place they wanted to see, or one thing they wanted to do before they left, ask them what that would be. 

And try your best to make that dream come true.