8 Things the Girl Who Loves Her Family Wants You to Know

Whether she comes from a huge household or is an only child, nothing will come between her and her family. This girl values her loved ones above all, and that’s enough to prove that she’s a total keeper.

1. She goes home as much as she can to visit her family.

Leaving home was a serious blow to your girl’s happiness. Even though she finally cut the umbilical cord and lives on her own, she still wants to go home as much as possible to spend time with the fam. You’ll probably get dragged off to her family parties, but you’ll find that they’re actually really entertaining and minimally awkward. She loves her family and, if she loves you, her family will welcome you in as their own.

2. She’ll introduce you to her family before you meet her friends.

When you meet the girl who loves her family, you’ll notice that she’s a devoted, loving, kind, and caring person. She gets that from her fiercely close-knit family. So when she wants to get serious and starts introducing you to her people, you’ll meet her brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and those other random family members (who she’s not even related to but she still considers them family) first.

3. Actually, her siblings/cousins are probably apart of her friend group anyway.

When you meet her friends, you’ll meet some of her close girlfriends, but you’ll basically just re-meet her sisters, brothers, and cousins. She loves to be surrounded by family and friends who have been in her life since as long as she can remember. Her best friends have been around forever and they’re pretty much considered her siblings because they’re so close. Don’t be intimidated—as long as you show them that you care for her, they’ll support her and love you.

4. She loves spending time at home.

But she’s not the type to brood alone in her room. When your girl is at home, she loves to be surrounded by her family and closest friends. An awesome night in consists of inviting over all of her family to hang out, gossip, and catch up on each other’s lives. So if you hate going out and spending way too much money on overrated food or tacky bars, then the girl who loves her family is perfect for you.

5. All of that time spent with her mom has made her into a wise and classy girl.

This girl has a really good relationship with her parents. Growing up, her mom was – and still is – her best friend. She’s learned how to act, speak, walk, and talk with class. But she’s also a ton of fun, and learned how to kick back with a glass of wine on the rooftop at the end of the day. She chooses her men wisely, and selects a bottle of wine even more wisely.

6. Her dad has taught her to have high standards, so she’ll want his approval.

The girl who loves her family might also be a daddy’s girl. Her father is her role model and her standard for the way a man should be. When she brings a new guy into her life, his input is very important to her. She certainly trusts her own judgment, but she likes to know that her father also approves.

7. She’s very protective of the ones she loves and her siblings are protective of her.

This is the type of girl who can tease her sister to no end, but she will bite the heads off of anyone who might dare to insult her family. You’ll see that she won’t tolerate any outsiders who put her family down.

8. She definitely wants to have a family of her own someday.

It’s not like she’s going to start pressuring you to have kids once you start dating, but having a family someday is a deal breaker for her. It doesn’t matter if you’re not close with your own family, because she can understand; she has learned to be empathetic.