8 Things All Big Hearted Girls Need to Know

Are you the friend that others go to for advice? 

The friend that is always there to listen and wipe away the tears?

If you are that friend, here are some things you need to know…

1. You can’t be everyone’s hero

As much as you love to make people smile, and as much as you try to give the best advice, you just can’t solve everyone’s problems.

You may be able to make a friend feel better about her recent breakup for a day or two, but she’s going to cope just like everyone else.

She will cry and she will be sad, but with your continued support she will get through it.

2. It’s not your fault

If your friend comes to you crying because she had a fight with her mom, and you help and listen to her— you are a great friend.

You are not to blame yourself if your pep-talk didn’t go as planned or if your advice didn’t resonate well enough.

Its okay to want to help your friends, but not if you’re going to be so hard on yourself.

3. It’s okay to say no

Sometimes, you need to put yourself first!

If you have a busy day of work, an exam to study for, and children to babysit later that night— there is nothing wrong with saying that you’re not available.

It’s nice to help your friends out, but you have enough on your own plate too.

Remember to keep a healthy balance.

4. There’s a reason people come to you

People come to you because they trust you.

They see that you are empathetic, sympathetic, and wise.

They want your advice and your support because they think so highly of you.

They don’t come to you as a last resort or because it’s convenient, they come to you because you are one of a kind.

5. You are not a therapist

There are some things that you wont have answers too.

You don’t know how to coach a friend through something you’ve never been through or something you don’t know much about.

It’s okay to tell your friend that speaking to a professional may be beneficial.

This does not mean you don’t care about what they have to say, or that you’re not interested in helping.

It means that you want them to get the help they deserve.

6. Not everything is your problem.

Again, I know you want to solve everyone’s problems, but you have enough of your own.

So, talk to Emily about her breakup and how she misses her ex—but there is no need to try and mend the relationship for her.

You need to focus on yourself sometimes.

7. It’s okay to cry

You may be the friend that others go to when they need a good cry, but this doesn’t mean you can’t do the same.

No one will think any less of you, and there are tons of people that want to help you.

Instead of trying to be strong for others, allow yourself to be just like them—human.

8. You are incredible

This is something you must know.

You are appreciated, you are loved, and you are held in the highest regard.

Sometimes people will forget to remind you of this, but it is so very true.

There is a reason you’re the friend that everyone goes to, there is a reason that you are the friend that others find comforting, and there is a reason others trust you with their deepest secrets.

You are special, your are sweet, and you are an incredible friend…don’t forget that.