8 Signs You're the Inspirational Couple

There’s lot of different types of couples: female dominated, male dominated, couples that fight, couples that seem to break up and get back together constantly, couples that prove opposites attract and couples that are never quite on the same page. Then there’s you guys: the couple who inspires; the couple others look up to; the couple that is leading the way:

1. People want to emulate you.

Regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not, friends, family and on the odd occasion perfect strangers will comment on how lucky you are while mentally assessing at what point they could settle down. On the surface you appear to be a disney fairytale, but you know it’s far more complex and magical a-story than any cartoon could ever hope to convey.

2. Friends look to your history to set their own goals.

Mile stones you have reached, adventures you’ve been on, stories you’ve created: they have broken every expectation and reached higher than any potential you ever dared to dream about. You two have raised the bar higher and it’s now up to others to try and jump so high.

3. You encourage each other equally.

You will always be there to help your baby out; they’re your teammate, your buddy, your best friend, partner in crime and soul mate. When one falls, the other picks them up; when one succeeds the other is the main cheerleader. You are in this together, two people working as one, and that combination is a gosh darned winning one.

4. You work as an individual but excel as a team.

You can both go out into the world and work it on your own; you’re independent, self serving, and industrious, but it’s when you come together the sparks fly and shit gets turned up a notch. Your skills and attributes combined is a force to be reckoned with. You’ve taken on the world and won a number of times already and you’re all ready for a rematch.

5. Other couples ask you for advice.

Like a pair of wizened sage love gurus, you sit in your living room sipping on wine listening to the trials and tribulations of your pals relationships issues. People go to you for advice because they can see whatever you are doing, it’s working, and working well. You breathe confidence as a pair, assured and strong, and as a result people really take on board what you have to say.

6. You’re a goddamn power duo.

You’ve proved it time and time again: exploring the world, getting into scrapes, nailing interviews, setting up your house, creating a foundation, building a family, getting job offers, expressing yourself and generally being the incredible power-pair you’re oh so famous for. You pick each other up, push each other forward and compete with each other every moment you can, and it’s really starting to take you places.

7. You create the perfect balance.

They have the spirituality, you have the calculated logic; they get stressed, you provide the calm; you get frustrated, they keep you at peace. You are yin and yang, opposing but complementary principles that hold the other in check and provides equilibrium, and it is from this stability you base your foundation.

8. Together, you know you can do great things.

It occasionally scares you when you think about the future, you’ve come so far already you have no idea how much you will eventually achieve. The possibilities for the pair of you are endless, and with both of you supporting the other, watching each others back and driving each other on, one day you could rule the world.