8 Reasons Why You Should Always Date the Girl Who Drinks Whiskey

It’s funny how revealing someone’s choice of drink can be. There’s just something about a girl who drinks whiskey – besides being a little bit badass, she’s usually just as sophisticated and intense as her drink is.

The opposite of a basic girl, you’ll never be unfulfilled or uninspired with a girl who drinks whiskey:

1. You know she can hold her liquor – and probably hold her own anywhere you take her. The worst is when you take a girl out to places and she’s full-blown sauced after a glass or two of wine. That’s probably never going to happen with a girl ordering whiskeys neat.

2. She’s mysterious. Unlike the boozy basic girl, she’s not going to reveal her whole life story or tell you some really uncomfortable personal thing in the first hour of meeting you.

3. She’ll need to dip her foot in the pool first. She probably won’t outwardly express her feelings in the first week – or ten, of meeting you. But after you really get get to know the girl who loves a good tumbler of whiskey, you’ll realize just how passionate and unique she is – it just takes a little time.

4. She knows how to appreciate something. She doesn’t just drink whiskey because it’s going to get her drunk faster. She’ll sip it slowly, really enjoying every bit of the rich flavor. Chances are, she’s probably the same way in other aspects in her life: she’s not going to take a good thing for granted; she’ll appreciate every bit of flavor in it.

5. She’s deep – She hates small talk and isn’t afraid to jump into the deep end – thanks, in part, to whiskey. She won’t stand for any bullshit and you’ll probably talk to her for hours about shit that you actually want to talk about – quite refreshing from all the basic girls you normally interact with.

6. She’s probably an alpha – She isn’t afraid to stick up for herself. She’s probably a “whiskey person” for a reason. She’s not the type of girl who will let anyone walk all over her; if someone disrespects her, she’ll set a boundary right then and there and moved forward.

7. She’s a profound thinker. There’s definitely a reason why she chose whiskey. She’s passionate about people and is probably overly- sensitive to the world. Just like whiskey has an aged flavor, so does her soul; she’ll watch the lines around your eyes when you smile; she’ll take in little moments and savor them.

8. She’s not easy – but definitely worth it. A girl who drinks whiskey is probably complicated, with a little wild streak you don’t know about. She’s not high maintenance- she just knows her worth and her needs. She’ll be provocative and opinionated and will demand your respect.

She’ll never just go along with some semblance of a mediocre, passionless relationship, and she’ll challenge you, making you a better man – all with a sexy glass of bourbon.