8 Reasons Asking Your Parents for Advice on Love Can be Absolutely Everything

1. They have been there before.

Whatever hardship you are going through with this person, big deal or small stuff, they have seen before. They have infinite knowledge and an abundance of experiences that have lead them to your Mother or Father.

They know the warning signs of a failed relationship, because they have been in those shoes… and you can bet that when they didn’t think the shoe fit, they still tried to take that long walk that ultimately lead to a dead end.

They can help you put everything into perspective.

2. They put you before EVERYTHING.

Unlike your friends, your parents will put everything on pause at the drop of a hat to help you with whatever is on your mind. Yes, you may think you have friends that can live up to these actions, but it won’t be to this degree.

Remember that time they called you and you didn’t answer while you were at school? Then they proceeded to call anyone and everyone you know, followed by getting in touch with campus security.

You were escorted out of class…

This is what they do when they’re worried about you.

3. They tell it like it is.

Depending on their personality, they could give it to you blunt or put you down easy.

Fact is, they will never sugarcoat sh*t. They might even point out that it’s not all your S.O.’s fault, and help you see the situation from another perspective.

4. They love you more than that new love ever will.

When it comes down to it, as much as you think this new person in your life loves you more than anyone else… they don’t.

Nothing surpasses a parent’s love for their kid.

5. They will love that they are still needed for the important stuff.

Okay, your father might grunt at the thought of girl problems, but if he senses any hurt in your voice, he will do anything to turn that frown the other way. He’ll probably make you laugh.

As simple as it sounds, it’s really just everything for a parent to feel they’re still needed at this period of your life.

Hearing that you want their advice will make their day, and will probably result in them being more open-minded on the subject. After all, they don’t want you to get mad and hang up on them, or throw a fit and walk out the door.

6. This is the first time your Mother has heard S.O. drama in forever.

Your Mom is going have the saddest look on her face, but she will mostly likely be freaking the f*ck out at the opportunity of girl talk.

She will want to hear every detail and open up to you about all the douchebags, the weirdos, and the good guys that simply weren’t the right ones for her before she met your father.

7. This is basically their second job…

Your parents have literally trained themselves for this sh*t. They have sleepless nights about it, wondering if you’re okay with the person you think you love.

They’ve probably gone over every possible scenario of how you’d breakup and come crying back to them. They’re ready for this…

8. They deep down, feel like nobody is good enough for you.

They have ridiculously high expectations for the person you wanna spend the rest of your life with.

They won’t be easy on ‘em because they know your worth… and you should, too.