8 Classic Winter Dates We Have to Bring Back

Not the “Netflix and Chill” type? It’s the coldest, darkest time of year, but these dates can lighten things up and bring you closer over the holidays.

1. Ice-skating. 

Share a hot cocoa. Strap up your skates and step onto the ice together. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of gliding over the ice, hand in hand with each other. If one of you is shaky, the other can catch you when you fall. 

2. Picnic in Front of the Fireplace. 

Grab a blanket, light that fire, and pour yourselves mulled wine and hot toddies. Put on your favorite Christmas movie and lie back. The two of you can cuddle up, warm and toasty, without any distractions from the outside world.

3. Christmas Light Display Drive.

A drive around town to check out over-the-top Christmas light displays is an annual tradition for many. Wear your pajamas, bring the hot chocolate, and turn up the holiday music. Indulge in sharing some of your childhood holiday memories with one another.

4. Snow Day.

If it snows like crazy, seize the day with each other while you can, before it melts. Grab a sled and hold tight to each other as you slide down the hill. Dare to flirt by throwing the first snowball. Build a snowman together. If you just want to enjoy the sight of the snow falling, stroll through the park together for a winter wonderland walk.

5. Hockey Game.

Brave the cold air together and watch some aggressive hockey action go down. All the action is sure to spark some chemistry. Find your spot in the stands, get loud together for the team, and cuddle up with each other to stay warm.

6. Go Antiquing for Gifts.

Go on a quest together to find unusual and unique Christmas gifts for those on your lists. Even if you don’t get anything, the weird objects you discover together will give you plenty to talk about. Bonus: Surprise your date later by going back and buying them that quirky little item they liked.

7. Hot-Tubbing.

Combat the chill with a warm, relaxing hot-tub bath together. Don’t forget to light some candles and put your favorite Christmas album to set the mood. It’s just what the two of you need to spark things up at the end of a long, cold winter’s day.

8. Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Bundle up and dress classy for a night out at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Don’t miss your chance to kiss if mistletoe is present. You’ll be forgiven for a little PDA in that moment when everything lights up your faces.


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