7 Signs You Don’t Miss Him, You Miss the Idea of Him

Being single can be tough. If you had an important guy in your life that suddenly vanished in thin air, you were probably devastated. But if you’re still hung up over a guy who is long gone, you need to reevaluate the situation.

1. You miss cuddling, but not the cuddler.

Cuddling is a sweet exchange of affection. It feels good and it makes you feel cute and protected. But if you just miss the act of having someone hold you, then you really don’t miss the actual guy. He was just the person to help you feel good. It’s not selfish, you just haven’t realized that you’re already over him, and you need to move on.

2. You don’t like watching Netflix alone.

Everything is different now that you’re single. All of those little things you used to do together, like sharing chores and watching shows together, is all gone. Change isn’t comfortable. So you want that comfy routine back, when you could expect certain aspects of your life to be shared with someone else. You don’t miss him, you just miss the comfort of having someone else there.

3. You miss having a boyfriend to take you out to dinner.  

The ultimate blow to ending a relationship is the end of dinner dates. You no longer have a boyfriend to treat you to dinner, or to share pizza with you late into the night. This one is easy. You don’t miss him, you miss the free food and shared meals.

4. You fantasize about your past dates, but not about actually being with him.

It’s hard to let go of companionship. But you don’t really miss him if you think about the dates. You miss having someone to hold your hand while strolling down the sidewalk. Missing the actual person transcends time or place. But the dates? That’s missing the idea of him.

5. You forget about all of those awful fights, and dismiss his vices.

There’s a reason why you broke up in the first place. You weren’t meant to be together forever, and that’s okay. Relationships are like a trial period before serious commitment. If you broke up, be thankful that you narrowed down the pool to one less person. He’s not your true love. If you can’t remember why you fought with, and why you complained, ask your friends. They will gladly jog your memory.

6. You only think about him when you see other couples.

Getting jealous of other couples doesn’t signify that you miss your past love. It means that you don’t like change and you don’t like being newly single. That’s totally normal. It’s okay to miss having a relationship. But trying to say that you miss your former boyfriend isn’t going to cut it. Enjoy being single for a while. Take the time to treat yourself and put your wants before anyone else’s.  

7. All of your friends remind you that you’re better off without him.

Sometimes your friends know you better than yourself. They’ve seen you through the good and the bad, and they know what’s best for you. All they want is for you to be happy, so thank them for their support. If you need help getting through the pain, they’re there to get you through.