7 Signs that You’re Perpetually Drunk in Love

We all have that one friend who just cannot help it. You’re all out, or just hanging around, and you meet a new group of people. She’s the one who hones in and finds her new love of the week. Sure, the new target is fairly attractive, but this friend is head over heels before she even knows his name.

1. You’re single and always ready to mingle.

Even if you have a boyfriend, you still find other people attractive. There’s always someone new and interesting around the corner, and you like to keep your prospects open. What’s wrong with being in love with a lot of guys at once?

2. It doesn’t matter where you are or how you look, you always spot a hot guy.

You could be at the bar, or a park, or walking on the sidewalk. And you subsequently text your friends “I just saw my boyfriend” and they know that means you just saw a hot guy go by. Even if you never see him again, his hotness will linger in your conversations throughout the rest of the day.

3. You know how to play it cool, but on the inside you’re secretly flipping the fuck out.

So your friend group just met another group while you’re all out. Everyone is casually chatting and talking about the night, but you are love drunk over the tall one with the glasses. Forget about the hottie on the subway, this is your real future husband.

4. You’re probably too chill to even show your interest, you just treat your target like everyone else.

If anything, you unintentionally ignore the guy you like, because you don’t want to come off as obvious. And he moves on without a clue, because you never let on. You won’t make your move until the next time you meet. By then, he won’t know what hit him.

5. You love hanging out with your friend, her boyfriend, and his friends.

The friend’s boyfriend’s friends are the most fun to play with. They’re always down and love the fact that you’re single and fun. And you get to pick and choose whom you like, so it’s easy for your friend and her guy to set you up. But hey, you can’t guarantee that it’ll last long.

6. After you meet a guy, everyone finds out that you plan on having his children someday, but you don’t know his last name yet.

You’re quicker to plan out the rest of your life with a guy that just zoomed by on his bike, than to decide what you’re having for lunch. Even if you don’t know his name, you come up with the most creative nicknames to refer to each guy you want to talk about with your friends.

7. Before anyone can decipher what’s going on in your love life, you’ve already moved onto the next hottie of the week.

You move fast—so what? There are just too many guys and not enough time.