7 Reasons We Don't Need Guy, Just Someone Who Tries

We all have the dream of being with the tall, dark, and handsome perfect dreamboat. But, that’s just what it is, a dream. In reality, we’re better off going for the one who tries, someone who wants to make us happy and be our best friend in life.

1. The guy who tries actually means what he says –  he’s not faking it to impress you.

The guy who tries just wants to see you smile. He’ll remember your favorite order at Panera. He’ll offer to order for you because he knows you freak out in fast paced lines.

The one who’s going for perfect just cares about his own image. Your weird little quirks will go unnoticed and unappreciated as he’ll be too busy combing his hair in line.

2. The guy who tries wants to get to know your family – he won’t talk about himself the entire time.

The dude who tries will be there helping out your Dad with the barbecue, or asking if your Mom needs someone to set the table with her.

The so-called perfect guy will only spend the entire time at the dinner table boasting about what deals he made at work and how much his custom made Tom Ford jacket cost him.

3. The guy who tries wants to make you happy – sex included. 

Sex with the perfect dude might be something out of a porn scene. Intimacy won’t be on the table. It just won’t mean anything.

The guy who tries won’t just do the deed and bounce; he’s there because you make him feel a certain way when together, literally and metaphorically.

He’ll also try to do whatever he can to be able to please you, if you know what I mean. So win-win for you. 

4. The guy who tries will try to create a passionate connection – not just a physical one.

From the way he looks into your eyes, to the way he helps you clean up a stain on your shirt, his actions have a pure undertone to them. He tries to make the moments mean something.

The “perfect” guy wants you as his “perfect” arm candy.

5. The guy who tries will listen to your accomplishments – and encourage the ones to come.

Okay, so you didn’t win that Emmy or Oscar and you didn’t get to give that amazing acceptance speech you’ve had rehearsed for months. It doesn’t matter to him! He’ll keep on telling you to go for your dreams.

The perfect guy, however, won’t accept anyone who’s even just a little under his strict idea of so-called success.

6. The guy who tries will include you in his future – not shut you out of it.

This includes going to parties that might be really his “ish” or writing a random letter to you on a day that doesn’t really have a huge meaning. He is simply trying to create a foundation for your love.

7. The guy who tries won’t sweat the small stuff – he’ll see the big picture.

The “perfect” guy is only doing things that are on the small scale, like buying you designer bags or showing you off at his job party. But those things aren’t really about you, they’re more about him.

The guy who tries won’t care about material goods and small, expensive tokens. He knows that your love can’t be bought.