7 Character Traits You Should Look For In Significant Other

 As the saying goes: there really are plenty of fish in the sea. When you’re looking to find a special someone with whom to spend your time and share your life, you will always have several different types of people to choose from. And with all those options and possibilities on the table, choosing the right person often feels like an insurmountable feet.

Feeling a little unsure of what you should be searching for? Here are seven of the most important personality traits to look for in a new boyfriend or girlfriend:

  1. Honesty

    Every good relationship is built on trust, and that trust is created through absolute honesty. He doesn’t have to divulge every gruesome detail on command before he’s ready, but if you’re looking for an honest answer to a particular question or situation, he should be willing to give it. The right partner wants you to feel like you can depend on the things that he says and the actions he takes.

  2. A Sense of Humor

    She’ll want to make you feel at ease at all times, and laughter is a big part of that feeling. Even if she isn’t particularly good at telling jokes, she’s really good at hearing them without making a big deal out of a little playful mocking. A good sense of humor is a two-way street, and she should be equally willing to tease and be teased.

  3. Respect

    If you’re the type of person who requires a lot of space and alone time even within a relationship, he’s the type of person who is happy to give it to you. A good significant other respects all things about you: your mind, your body, your feelings, and your needs. He’s aware of the natural boundaries you’ve set for yourself because you two had an adult conversation about them, and he’s never going to make you feel intentionally uncomfortable.

  4. Vulnerability

    She doesn’t have to be emotional and nostalgic at all times, but she should be willing to let you in on some of the deeper aspects of her personality. Nobody wants to date a brick wall, so look for a significant other who is able to show you the softer side of who she is every once in a while, and who encourages you to do the same.

  5. A Willingness to Fight

    A good, raucous fight is healthy every once in a while, and your significant other shouldn’t avoid a confrontation with you for the sake of keeping the peace. When two people are angry about something valid, the peace cannot be kept for very long. Unless you both state your feelings and put them out in the open, you will never, ever resolve them, and you’ll both build a cloud of  destructive passive aggression around your relationship. He should be completely comfortable with the realities of a disagreement, and not shy away from letting you know how he feels when he’s upset.

  6. Creativity

    You two don’t have a ton of money, but somehow, she still manages to put creative effort into your lives together, and the dates that she plans are always exciting in their simplicity. She’s the type of person who’s able to look at something bland and turn it into something special, and she approaches most situations in her life in a similar way–including her relationship with you. A partner with a creative streak will always keep you guessing, and no, she doesn’t have to be Leonardo da Vinci to be artistic.

  7. Affection

    Your relationship should function on the mutual attraction and admiration you feel for one another, and a little physical reverence goes along way to illustrate your feelings. He doesn’t overdo it on the PDA, of course, but he enjoys being in close proximity to you, and often finds little excuses to hold your hand or keep his somewhere near you whenever appropriate. You two have a comfortable, affectionate rapport, and his presence only ever enhances the physical intimacy you share.