6 Ways You've Changed Since High School

Many of us change more during the years of high school than any other years in our lives. Some of us turn into completely different people as we become more of who we are. You don’t really realize it as it is happening because the changes happen so slowly and subtly. But before you know it, you’re not a kid anymore. You’re a real adult.

1. Back then, rejection from your crush was the end of the world for you—now, you look back and laugh at your high school heartbreaks.

There may be no worse pain than getting rejected by the person you fall for when you’re a teen. When it’s your first real heartbreak, you don’t know if you’ll ever get over it because it’s never happened before. 

You’re more resilient, now, though. Those crushes of the past just don’t crush you anymore.

2. Back then, you were more aware of ways other people might judge you. 

You compared yourself to other people constantly, looking in the mirror and wondering if you measured up. But as high school went on and you graduated, you realized everybody’s just human. Trying to be anything other than yourself just brings you uneasiness.

Other people might even try to compare themselves to you too, but they don’t know half the story.

3. …now you feel more comfortable in your own skin. 

You used to see certain features of yourself as flaws. Now you realize it’s what makes you unique. 

You can look in the mirror and find the good in yourself.

4. In high school you were still figuring out which group of people you fit in with, but now you’ve found your people for life.

You may have floated around a bit then, but once you found your friends, the connection was undeniable. And after all that, none of the other people really matter so much anymore. 

The only people that really matter are those closest to you. 

5. You know your value.

Back then, you couldn’t quite see yourself for all you were worth. It took time and learning and even some heartbreak to realize everything you are and everything you deserve. 

You weren’t completely sure who you were, what you liked, what you hated, what you could and couldn’t live without. Now you’re certain.

6. Your plans have changed.

In the past you kind of thought you had your future figured out. You imagined you’d grow old with someone that you didn’t end up with. And then for awhile you had no idea what you were going to do with your life. Now though, you have a better idea of the path ahead of you.

And even if you’re still not completely sure about some of your goals, you certainly know the friends you plan to be around for a long time to come.