6 Reasons Why Personality Will Always Win Over Looks

It used to be that when a girl thought a guy was hot, she wanted to date him. It used to be that when a guy thought a girl was physically attractive, he wanted to go up and talk to her. It still might be this way for some. But if you’ve learned to see past the surface, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about when we say that personality by far trumps looks. Any day.

1. You don’t sit in hours of silence after sex; you forget to have sex because you were up talking till 3 AM.

When you have a personal connection with someone, you never run out of things to talk about. A deep mental connection forces you to challenge your significant other, to lift up their spirits, support them, and introduce them to new ideas. Oh, and let’s not forget the most important one – to laugh with them. Sometimes you laugh so hard, that you even forget that you knew how to talk at all. You could basically blindfold yourself and still want to spend all your days around that person.

2. Your attraction doesn’t fade over time; your attraction only grows in bolder ways.

Remember the time you spotted that hottie across the bar, only to find that you had nothing to say to each other? Yeah, not so hot anymore… But when you click on a psychological and spiritual level, you somehow see that person in a whole new way. And the more you talk and spend time together, the more they just seem to get increasingly hotter.

3. You don’t just look good together, you radiate happiness together.

You’re not the couple sitting in a restaurant in silence staring at their phones. You’re the couple who’s wrapped up in their own world, staring at each other and knowing exactly what the other is saying without even saying it. Together, you inspire people.

4. You don’t struggle to understand them; you share a brain with them.

You’re not trying to decode their text messages because you know exactly how they’d utter every single word. Sometimes it freaks you out because it’s like you can actually hear their voice. And most of the time, you’re accurately predicting what their responses will be, anyway.

5. You share more than a bed; you share your visions in life.

When it’s just looks, you’re only turned on in the bedroom. When it’s personality, you’re turned on pretty much at all times. Your foreplay begins even before you touch: the riveting conversation when you’re out together, the way you share your hopes, dreams, fears, goals, and what you value in a relationship – no hot and toned body will ever light the sparks in your brain like that.

6. You don’t just think they’re perfect, you think they’re perfect for you.

True love doesn’t equate to obsessing, idolizing, and idealizing someone. True love equates to seeing that person for who they are – flaws and everything. But it’s the combination of flaws and perfections that complement yours and make them – well – perfect for you.