5 Signs You're Not Looking for a Boyfriend, You're Looking for a Partner in Crime

The whole knight in shining armor thing? Not all it’s cracked up to be.

Thanks to Disney, lots of girls are still convinced that the fairy tale ending, that they so avidly watched as little girls, is still on its way.

Others, however, aren’t necessarily looking for the man who arrives on a white horse, but just a partner in crime. These are the girls who know that at the end of the day, to be best friends with the guy you’re also sleeping with – is pretty fucking awesome:

1. You don’t want to be taken care of; you want to care for each other.

You’re not the girl who wants to be doted over, courted, or sent a dozen roses with a love note in order to be wooed. Romance? Ehh. The guy you usually end up hooking up with is one of your friends who you’ve been hanging out with for a while, and then, one night…

You don’t even know what happened, it just happened. Because you two started out as buddies, there’s really no need for the typical, cheesy romance. Instead of feeling like a trophy wife, you’d like to be his partner; taking care of each other is an equal balance.

2. You’d rather share dreams than chase his.

You’re looking for a man with whom you can share ambitions. You want to stay up late at night talking about your dreams and how you’re going to make them work together. Any man who will put his dreams before yours, isn’t worth your time.

You know that a girl who would give up her dreams for her man’s isn’t in an equal partnership. You’re better than that.

3. You want to talk about it, not worry about it.

If something is bothering you, you’d rather talk it out with your partner than tip-toe around the elephant in the room. Communication is important to you, and you know that the only way to solve something is to talk it out.

Let’s also be clear about this: men will be men. You two can stand in the corner and gawk at the hot girl who just walked into the bar. He may think her tits look great, but you’re the only one he wants to take home at night.

4. You don’t just wanna date someone, you wanna be with someone.

You’re not looking to waste your time dating people who you can’t really see yourself with in the future. You’ve gotten to the age where you know that ‘bad boys’ might be fun to hook up with, but when looking for a partner, you know to move on.

Someone who you can be with has more substance and character than just any guy who could be your boyfriend.

5. A partner is more than a boyfriend or girlfriend. 

This generation is so terrified of being alone that so many people are just “settling down??? to be with someone. Really, what they’re doing is settling.

A boyfriend or girlfriend is easy to come by; a partner should be cherished.

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