5 Different Ways You Could Be Cheating On Your Partner (And Which Ones Are Acceptable)

Cheating is anybody’s worst nightmare when they are in a relationship. We are constantly worrying about the ways we can have our heart broken, and it just turns out that cheating is the fool proof way to do that. But there are different methods of cheating that we may be doing without knowing that are more acceptable than others.

Physical Cheating

 What it is: Having sexy time with somebody who is not your SO.

Appropriateness: ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME? No! Not cool!

Why: Everybody knows about this kind of cheating all too well. Whether you have been the one to be cheated on or you were the one partaking in the adulterous acts (or if you just watch any good soap operas) you are aware that physical cheating has multiple repercussions for everybody involved in the situation. If you want to be with other people that are not your significant other then you owe it to them to call it quits. Monogamy does not work without honesty and sincerity, and cheating goes against that.

Emotional Cheating

 What it is: Having a relationship that mimics the emotional aspect of a romantic relationship with somebody who is not your SO

Appropriateness: ALSO SERIOUSLY NOT COOL. Look at your life, look at your choices.

Why: It could be debated that this kind of cheating is worse than physical cheating. If you are willing to share your heart with somebody other than your partner, then it is just as dishonest as sharing your body with them. 

Sleep Cheating

What it is: When you have a sex dream about somebody who is not your SO.

Appropriateness: Totally okay, just don’t make your dreams a reality.

Why: Because you really cannot help it, and sometimes you don’t even like it. But sometimes you really do like it, like when you have a sex dream about Chris Pratt. So long as you don’t try to make your sex dreams a reality then you are in the clear. 

Food Cheating

 What it is: When you are so in love with food that you wish it was a human being so you could date it.

Appropriateness: Completely and totally acceptable, just don’t get too weird about it.

Why: Because you aren’t doing anything wrong, really. You just are totally in love with tacos; So much that, if tacos were a human being, you would consider ending your current relationship so that you could pursue a life with the delicious Mexican delicacy. But since that is never going to happen, then it is fine to just have an affair with your favorite taco stand. 

Netflix Cheating

What it is: When you spend more time in bed with Netflix than with your partner.

Appropriateness: It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s not the best thing in the world…

Why: I mean, I’m as big of a fan of TV as any other girl out there, really. But is there actually a television series that is better than having sex? Is that why everybody is so obsessed with Game of Thrones? Because if so, then maybe I have some catching up to do.