39 Things You've Only Said to Your Roomies

Let’s be real, your roommates are the truest homies in your life. They’re the ones who’ve seen you at your absolute worst and still love you just the same.

You couldn’t ask for better roomies, and you’re so grateful that you all live under the same roof.

  1. “Wow, we really need to get our life in order…”
  2. “I need to go grocery shopping like right now.”
  3. “My closet is your closet. Just make sure you give it back, but if you don’t I know where you live.”
  4. “I feel like I’m constantly tired.”
  5. “Who’s going out tonight?”
  6. “Can you remind me what happened last night?”
  7. “Is anyone going to put away the dishes?”
  8. “After the day I had I need a vacation. Who’s with me?”
  9. “We have a dishwasher for a reason. Please use it.”
  10. “Let’s watch Netflix all night and drink wine together.”
  11. “Wow, we already ran out of toilet paper. We need to go to the store.”
  12. “Let’s go get some wine, pizza, and feel better about our lives.”
  13. “Sundays are the worst. Who’s down to go grab brunch?”
  14. “I want to call into work sick today. Should I do it?”
  15. “Did you eat dinner yet? I’m so hungry.”
  16. “I seriously went into a sleep coma last night.”
  17. “We need to take out the trash cans soon. Anyone want to help out?”
  18. “Do you think my hair will look okay if I just use dry shampoo?”
  19. “I’m totally borrowing this outfit. I love it.”
  20. “I need help writing this text. What should I say?”
  21. “Let’s make sure we don’t turn on the A/C on too much. I’m too broke to afford the utilities bill right now.”
  22. “Actually I’m just broke in general.”
  23. “I’ve literally been running around all day.”
  24. “I just can’t even right now. I’m about to nap so hard.”
  25. “Should we go to bed now?”
  26. “Did he text you back yet?”
  27. “Do you know what you’re even doing with your life?”
  28. “You’re like the snack queen.”
  29. “I’m so hungover I feel like I’m dying.”
  30. “Your food is taking up way too much room in the fridge.”
  31. “I need to get drunk tonight or else.”
  32. “We all need to pay rent soon, don’t forget.”
  33. “Is he going to sleepover again?”
  34. “We should probably clean our bathroom soon.”
  35. “Please always remember to lock the door. Not trying to get robbed or anything.”
  36. “When a trash bag is full, it’s probably time for someone to go take it out…”
  37. “I love your company and all, but I want my alone time.”
  38. “Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without you all.”
  39. “We have the best home ever.”

It’s always fun coming home to your favorite roomies.