37 Thoughts Every Girl Has During Anal

1. What the f*ck did I agree to? 

2. Lube. Lube. Never Enough lube.

3. Will my ass be stretched forever after this?

4. Kegels for your butt? 

5. Self-reminder to google that later.

6. Or ask my gyno next appointment. 

7. Okay, focus. 

8. I heard you are supposed to relax and it won’t hurt. 

9. How do I relax with a dick up my ass?

10.This hurts so fucking bad. 

11. Like how would he like it?  

12. What is wrong with normal sex? 

I13. s it too late to pull out of this? 

14. No pun intended. 

15. Jk completely serious. 

16. Why do guys want this so bad? 

17. He better kiss my ass for the next week after this.

18. Maybe two weeks.  

19. When was the last time you pooped? 

20. That’d be a really shitty situation…

21. Literally

22. I heard some girls actually enjoy this. 

23. I don’t know how.  

24. How am I going to clean up this mess after?

25. What does he see from that angle?

26. Is he even looking at me? 

27. Or simply touching my boobs…

28. Is he still into this?  

29. How? 

30. Is he getting into his vinegar strokes?

31. *Looks behind.* Yup 

32. Now what. 

33. Do we snuggle? 

34. Do we shower? 

35. Is he gonna ask for this on the reg now? 

36. This better not be our new thing. 

37. God, I’m so glad it’s over.