30 Things Anxious Guys Really Think Before Making the First Move

To be frank, ladies… we don’t always know what the f*ck it is we’re doing. We’re thinking hard about it, though. I can assure you that.

If you think you like a guy who doesn’t come off as the typical ladie’s man, this might be what’s running through his mind.

  1. Does she like her hair brushed back over her ear?
  2. Is that a good way to let her know I’m going in for a kiss?
  3. I should have wore more loose fitting pants.
  4. She smiled and looked down… she smiled and looked down!
  5. That’s the second time she touched my arm. I should touch her back when she says something funny…
  6. Her skin looks fu*king radiant right now. I should have shaved.
  7. Is she going to hate that my face is prickly when we makeout?
  8. She yawned. She’s bored…
  9. Or maybe she’s just tired.
  10. Is she playing hard to get right now?
  11. Because I’m not exactly the type of guy who’s into chasing.
  12. She just scooched in closer on the couch. She want’s me to make the move.
  13. But now she can probably feel my heart beating out of my chest. This is embarrassing.
  14. F*ck it.
  15. We’re in a bar. Is she into PDA? Maybe I should wait till we go outside for some air.
  16. Yeah, once she presses her back to the wall and looks me in the eyes… that’s the moment.
  17. Or is it?…
  18. Maybe I should just wait till I ask her to get out of here.
  19. Ask her to get out of here? Could I be more cliche?
  20. Definitely best to kiss her when we get back to my place.
  21. No, the cab ride there.
  22. But let’s not go overboard, buddy.
  23. Okay we’ve made it to my house. Sh*t, I knew I should have cleaned the fu*king house.
  24. Oh, well. What’s done is done.
  25. I don’t even care anymore. The next time she looks at me, I’m going to grab her by the back of her neck and kiss her.
  26. Or maybe I should palm her back and move her in close.
  27. Just don’t look at the dishes in my sink. I’m a terrible person.
  28. Girls like aggressive, right?
  29. But not too aggressive…
  30. Okay, that was awkward as f*ck, but I don’t even care. I’m gonna kiss her RIGHT NOW.