29 Reasons There's Something About a Blonde and a Brunette with an Inseparable Bond

Every blonde needs a brunette best friend by her side taking on the challenges and adventures that life brings them.  

  1. She’s the Blair to your Serena. Or the Serena to your Blair. 
  2. Opposites do attract.
  3. She’ll most likely have different tastes in guys than you.
  4. But, you wouldn’t even have to worry about that because she’s extremely loyal to you and totally follows girl code.
  5. There’s no need to debate about which one’s better.
  6. A blonde and brunette make the perfect dynamic duo. 
  7. She’s the Belle to your Cinderella. Or the Cinderella to your Belle.
  8. The two of you always take exceptionally beautiful pictures together.
  9. A strong bond between the two of you cannot be broken.
  10. She’s always there to help you focus and be there for you when life becomes difficult.
  11. She’ll always be your plus one to any event. 
  12. Because let’s be real, you wouldn’t want to take any other friend.
  13. You can share clothes all the time and there’s no issue of who looks better in what.
  14. Life just wouldn’t be the same without her. 
  15. Not to mention, she’s the perfect wingwoman.
  16. She never fails to make your day. Different hair color doesn’t matter one bit.
  17. You’re the sunshine in her life and she knows how to comfort you in the times of darkness.
  18. You can sense whatever emotional state she’s in.
  19. No matter what happens, she’s your forever life long best friend. 
  20. You’ve traveled with each other and have spent countless hours together. 
  21. You never really get sick of each other’s company.
  22. There will be no arguments of whose hair is in the shower. 
  23. She actually cares about you doing well and being happy.
  24. Even if you’re in a bad mood she knows exactly what to say.
  25. She’ll be one hundred percent honest with you.
  26. She has your back with no questions asked…
  27. Because she believes in you even when you didn’t believe in yourself.
  28. Your differences don’t mean a thing…
  29. Because blondes don’t have more fun unless they have their brunette best friend right next to them along for the ride.