25 Things You Only Understand If You Have a Guy's Mind in a Girl's Body

Sometimes you feel like a misfit. People look at you and see a girl, but your personality is another story. You think and act in ways that just don’t fit in with people’s expectations of a “lady.” Some people don’t even really know the truth about you. No one can actually read your mind, but sometimes the stuff in your head just slips out….

  1. Just because you wear a dress doesn’t mean you don’t have an opinion.

  2. People often assume what you’re like based on your girly appearance.

  3. Then they’re shocked by the things that come out of your mouth.

  4. You hate showing signs of weakness.

  5. You have a tough mind but a big heart.

  6. Sometimes others assumed you’re cold and distanced.

  7. The truth is that you just don’t spill out your feelings the way other people do.

  8. It’s not that you don’t have feelings; you just tend to talk about other things.

  9. (Like farts and dirty jokes and sex stories.)

  10. You don’t get why everyone’s so surprised.

  11. You don’t automatically assume you’re in a relationship with someone just because you went out on a few dates-you were just having fun.

  12. You don’t think twice about preserving your own independence.

  13. Sometimes people think you’re a little too blunt because you tell it like it is.

  14. When you give an excuse for not hanging out, it’s actually the truth.

  15. You prefer being straight with people rather than making things complicated.

  16. You hate overthinking things.

  17. When your friends come to you for help, you’re always trying to give them solutions and fix their problems.

  18. You are not the best with expressing your feelings, at all.

  19. Sometimes you think about impressing someone with a grand gesture…

  20. But that’s not to say you actually go through with it.

  21. You take pride in yourself and you don’t take kindly to people stepping on you.

  22. It’s an issue of respect.

  23. When you’re into someone, you don’t have a bunch of fantasies about them writing you letters and buying you roses or something. 

  24. You’re not exactly in touch with your “romantic??? side.
  25. But you know when you’re attracted to someone without even thinking about it.