25 Things You Know (And Love) About The Guy Who Isn't the Typical Alpha Male

The ideal guy isn’t always the jock or the lumberjack. You might be more into the artsy guy, or the guy who doesn’t believe in the same stereotypical attributes that describe a “Man’s man.”

That doesn’t mean he’s effeminate, it just means he’s absolutely comfortable with being himself.

  1. He would rather clean the house than put together your new dresser for you.
  2. He folds clothes like boss.
  3. He is not exactly a handyman, but makes up for it with his wit and humor.
  4. He is not in love with the gym.
  5. His Facebook is not flooded with pictures of himself at the gym with his shirt off.
  6. His idea of a workout is actually walking long distances or carrying all of the groceries.
  7. His Sunday nights are a time to relax and get ready for Monday, not crack open some brews and watch the game.
  8. His Monday nights are a time to catch up on his favorite television shows, not watch the game.
  9. He knows how to do the Vulcan salute, but doesn’t know the proper batting stance.
  10. Yeah… he doesn’t like sports.
  11. He is a picky eater, but he loves all the same foods that you do.
  12. He at some point in your relationship confessed that he partook in gymnastics or some other ridiculous activity when he was a kid.
  13. He would rather dance like an idiot than bump his fist at the club.
  14. He really just doesn’t like the club at all.
  15. He has never been in a fight.
  16. He says he has been in a fight, but in reality, it was more like a heated argument with his brother that turned into an awkward wrestling match.
  17. His favorite color isn’t green, and if it is, it’s not because it’s the color of money.
  18. He is most likely a nerd in some capacity.
  19. He watches Adventure Time like it’s the show he was waiting for during his childhood that was never televised.
  20. He farts and poops like every other guy, but does a better job at hiding it from you.
  21. He isn’t afraid to cry, because he knows it doesn’t make him any less of a man.
  22. He doesn’t mind talking to you about your girlfriends even though he hates drama.
  23. He never says it, but his grammar is quite on point.
  24. He reads more books than you do.
  25. He loves you like no other guy ever has.